The conditions that Russia gave in the peace talks
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The conditions that Russia gave in the peace talks

Russia agrees to peace talks only if the West stops supplying arms to Kiev, along with the withdrawal of NATO troops from Ukraine. However, the United States claims that Moscow has no interest in ending the war. The Russian President ordered to provide all necessary equipment for the ongoing war in a counter statement. Meanwhile, 50 percent of Kiev's regions are experiencing power shortages, authorities said.

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In this situation, the United States claimed that Russia has no interest in ending the war. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also commented that if Russia wanted to end the war, it would have withdrawn its troops immediately. However, Moscow says that in order to end the conflict, the West must accept Russia's conditions.

Meanwhile, Russian attacks continue in various regions of Ukraine. Several people were also injured in shelling and missile attacks in the cities of Kramatorsk and Bakhmut. In addition, citizens of the capital city of Kiev are still without electricity. Authorities also reported that 50% of Kyiv's territory is still without electricity.

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