'Putin may drop nuclear bombs on 6 cities in Ukraine'
Nuclear bomb updates 2022

'Putin may drop nuclear bombs on 6 cities in Ukraine'


In such a situation, there are fears that Russia may use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Basically, the Russian president ordered to the preparation of nuclear weapons from the month after the start of the campaign last February.


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Since then, as time has passed, the threat has not diminished but has intensified on various occasions. Regarding this, US President Joe Biden said last Thursday (October 7), that the world is facing the highest risk of this first nuclear attack since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.


Eric G., a professor of history at Weber State University and a nuclear war expert, has taken a step forward after Biden. "I don't think Putin will use nuclear weapons as a strategy to intimidate Ukraine and the West," the Swede said. Instead, he can directly attack key cities in Ukraine.


Eric G. The Swede said I fear that Putin will be cornered by the defeat of the Russian army in Ukraine. And desperate to change the outcome of the war, he can use nuclear weapons. He also said, "I doubt he will do any symbolic attack, as many are saying."


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