Popular Property Types of Dubai’s Mudon Community
Arabella Townhouses is another sub-community that provides 2-6 bedroom townhouses, including detached units, and Mudon Views, with its variety of 1-3 bedroom flats and two-level duplexes, are the most sought-after places to purchase or rent.

Five medium-rise buildings make up the Mudon Views apartment complex, which also provides its tenants with covered parking and concierge amenities. According to the data from 2020, most people who move to Mudon Views do not rent an apartment but rather buy one. This is because there are still off plan properties in Dubai that may be purchased at off-plan costs, which are often cheaper than the value of the handed-over units.

There are now available three-bedroom townhomes, three- and four-bedroom semi-detached townhomes, and five-bedroom detached villas at Arabella Townhouses, all of which have been delivered in many stages.

The Naseem, Al Salam, and Rahat neighbourhoods of Mudon are the next most populous. There are 240 villas in Naseem, each with its own pool and large lawn. Over 390 4-bedroom townhomes may be found in Al Salam, an early phase of the Mudon construction. Rahat's 362 detached homes with three to five bedrooms are good options for families.

For rent

Rent for a brand-new one-bedroom, 687-square-foot apartment in Mudon Views starts at AED 39,000 (about $10,600) annually. One- and two-bedroom flats are the most popular choices among renters.

Arabella Townhouses' annual rental rates range from roughly AED 120,000 (USD 33,200) for a three-bedroom unit to AED 190,000 (USD 52,000) for a spacious six-bedroom unit.

Rent for a three-bedroom property with 1,955 square feet of living space is AED 80,000 per year (about $22,000).

For sale

Townhouses begin at AED 1,200,000 (about USD 327,000) for a two-bedroom, 1,669-square-foot property. The same price in USD would be around AED 1,230,000 for a 1,751-square-foot home with 2 bedrooms.

For AED 2,259,000 ($615,000), you may purchase a semi-detached 3-bedroom flat in the desirable Arabella Townhouses 1 complex, which has four bathrooms and a large garden.

Prices for 1,148-square-foot, one-bedroom apartments in Mudon Views begin at roughly AED 970,000 ($264,000).