Dubai Real Estate Facts
There is a widespread belief that real estate is the driving force behind the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) economic success. Dubai, with its impressive architecture and towering buildings, has become an important hub for international trade.

The demand for real estate in Dubai has risen as more people go there for work and commerce. Real estate investors from all over the globe are drawn to Dubai as the city's rising property prices keep pace with demand. Dubai's real estate market is attractive for investors for reasons beyond its healthy value and demand. Hence, here are the top 10 things you need to know about the Dubai real estate market.

Low Acquisition Cost

One of the most important aspects of the real estate industry is efficiency. Insufficient interest from potential purchasers and financiers is shown in the face of a greater acquisition cost. But, compared to other global hubs, buying property in Dubai is more affordable. Investors from all over the globe, not only the other emirates in the UAE, are drawn to this market.

In London, a square foot would set you back $3,208, but in Dubai, it will just cost you $468. Investors will get a significant return on their money by putting it into the Dubai real estate market.

Higher Rental Return

Much weight is also given to rental yields when estimating the worth of a property company. Almost eighty-five percent of Dubai's residents are from outside the country; therefore, the city has had to expand its rental market and ease its residents' problems finding suitable lodging.

In comparison to the 3.21% and 2.83% returns offered in London and Singapore, some of the greatest rental neighborhoods in Dubai provide up to 10% returns. Dubai has a rental yield of at least 5.82% on average. Investments in Dubai's real estate sector are attractive due to the city's high rental return.

Population Growth

Increased demand is particularly noticeable in cases of persistent population expansion among non-natives. The population of Dubai reportedly increased by 86% between 2008 and 2018. Dubai is now home to people from over 200 different countries. Due to its rapidly expanding population, Dubai has quickly become a global financial and commercial center.

Greater Return on Investment

Real estate investments in Dubai are highly sought after. The Off plan properties in Dubai have higher ROI than the completed projects or properties. Dubai is the center of the global real estate market because of its abundance of cutting-edge services and infrastructure. When compared to other global metro areas, the rental return in Dubai is particularly impressive. Therefore, we urge you not to procrastinate any longer if you are considering purchasing real estate in Dubai, whether for your own use or as an investment.

No Property Tax

Property taxes are not required in Dubai, making it the only emirate in which it is possible to purchase a home tax-free. The Dubai government has not levied any kind of tax on the home. The real estate industry in Dubai has been boosted by the city's tax-free homes.

Peacefully secure

The fact that residents of Dubai generally feel safe is another feather in the cap of Dubai's real estate industry. If you and your company feel welcome and secure in Dubai, you may decide to remain there for a longer period of time. Yet, you may secure your financial future by putting money into the Dubai real estate market.



The real estate industry in Dubai is one of the main reasons for the city's recent economic success and stability. The city's real estate market is thriving because of a confluence of factors, including new forms of investment and technological innovation. Dubai is well on its way to becoming the undisputed real estate capital of the world, thanks to its many options.