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Sunsetspm is one of the most reliable property management service providers in San Diego with a team of industry specialists who helps residents and renters to get the most of their property.

Professional Property Management Services By Experts 


There are many property management companies san diego who promises a lot but lacks in delivering the best or as expected. On the other hand, at sunset property management, we ensure to provide the desired results of our customers. We believe customer satisfaction and customized solutions to stand on the unique needs of the san diego residents and renters.

While our experts will be focused on managing your investment, you will have less stress, higher income and more free time to your peaceful life. Our property management San Diego services comes with many guarantees including client satisfaction, Annual Maintenance Inspections, and property repairs.

AMI guarantees to schedule professional inspections with the tenants to ensure preventative maintenance of the property. Moreover, if for any reason you are not happy with our rental property management services, you can cancel your agreement without any additional charges, penalties or delays.

Our property managers have 20+ years of experience in the industry to help you save time if you are looking property management experts and protect your investment. We have found there is huge need for property management in the san diego. Therefore, we at sunset can ensure you best quality results in all types of services whether it is management of the apartments, houses or multi family properties.

With apartment and multifamily property management, sunset professional property managers can bring customized solutions while collaborating with you on a program to fit your needs.

Property management for apartment rentals in San Diego is one of the most trusted services at Sunset. The property management fees can vary depending on the units i.e. 2-4 units is 6%, 5-15 is 5% and 16 units or more is 4%.

Sunset is one of those san diego property management companies which ensures all around solutions. For the purpose of advertising and leasing, your property will be listed on top rated rental websites and provide you with required help such as market rent surveys, rental rate valuation, credit screening and much more to fulfil your marketing needs. Our property experts prepare properties for rent ready condition and manage accounting along with financial report.

Rental property management San Diego for houses and condos makes our company reliable in the city with happy house owners who believe to reply on our services for their specific needs towards house management.

The best part of sunset property management is that it doesn’t charge initial fees nor any kind of hidden fees. Moreover, you can also expect for the maintenance and general construction services. Our property maintenance and repairs involve a 24-hour or less turnaround time. We have a licensed contractor who supervises all local contractors doing the work for us. We can handle just about any kind of maintenance or repairs that typically are needed including drywall, plumbing, flooring, painting, remodelling, electrical and rent ready preparations.


So, no matter what your property is, and sunset will help you get best quality services at affordable rates. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started and call us today.