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The Peel strength tester is ideal for measuring tear, peel and other frictional properties of adhesives, laminates, glues, fabrics, packaging, coatings, tapes, labels, and other products components and materials. With the seal/bond strength testing instrument, one can accurately measure the average peel strength load over a specific distance per unit width of adhesive.

Peel Strength Tester

Presto’s Peel Bond Tester is used to calculate the permanence of the adhesion ability of self-adhesive force sensitive products. To ensure the quality and safety of product it is important for packaging manufacturer to test the peel ability of materials like adhesives, coatings, and laminates. Presto peel strength tester is one of the high quality lab testing instrument that is used to measuring the bond strength of the material, coating durability, and the performance of adhesives. This high quality lab testing equipment will provide accurate peel strength test results.

Features of Peel/Seal/Bond Strength Tester


1) Peel Strength Tester – Digital Model

  • Highly recommended for labels, foils, and Bopp tapes.
  • Peeling of plastic shield carried out from an angle of 180 degrees.
  • The testing instrument provides accuracy of +/- 2%
  • It has a unique self-calibration feature.
  • Compact model designed especially for labs where space is a major constraint.
  • It has a memory feature.
  • Seal strength holding at a 90-degree angle can also be integrated in the machine.

The testing equipment is available with a complete instruction guide along with calibration certificate traceable to NABL-approved labs.


2) Peel/Seal Strength Tester

Computerized cum Digital Model

  • The Digital cum computerized model has dual display. Along with the digital indicator, it is duly attached to a computer system to view the reports in graphical format.
  • Graph test report can be viewed in the Force vs. Time format.
  • Reports can be saved for future access to the desktop.
  • 10 sample reports can be seen simultaneously on a single report.
  • Data can be represented in chart form using excel spreadsheet.
  • Company details like address and logo can also be placed in the Test Report.
  • Report clearly describes product name, shape, batch, operator, Date & Time, standard and remarks.
  • Pass/fail criteria can be programmed.

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