What Pregnancy Symptoms Require Immediate Care?
You must know this list of pregnancy symptoms require immediate care. Learn more here.

What Pregnancy Symptoms Require Immediate Care

You may have heard that you are unable to tell if you are pregnant until you miss your period. But what happens if you have pregnancy symptoms that don’t feel like a period? What will you do?

First, shed on how to tell if you are pregnant. It is quite simple; you get a positive signal from a pregnancy test. (1) If your body is alerting you that it is ready to become a mother, then that is what it means.

But what happens when your body is not ready for pregnancy still? That is the time when things get tricky. If you feel that something may be wrong then you have to go to the doctor immediately.

Here are some pregnancy symptoms that require immediate care,

1. Feeling nauseous or vomiting:

During early pregnancy, sometimes women feel nausea and this mostly happens in the morning time or we can say that this is morning sickness which is a wake-up call for pregnant women.

2. Darkened nipples or increased sensitivity to cold temperatures

Nipples become sensitive due to the swelling or tightness in the breast or swelling as well. Discuss with your doctor to follow some protocols.

3. Cramping or pain in the lower back:

This pregnancy symptom is presented to the women's body to make you ready for labor; (2) it's a stage where the body starts to natural process for softness or stretch to the lower back muscles.

4. Changes in urination frequency and amount:

Urination happens because of the hormonal changes in the body of pregnant women; during pregnancy, women face more frequent urination than on normal balancing days.

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5. Severe stomach pain:

Getting cramps or pain during pregnancy shows common symptoms but it also requires immediate care to avoid serious issues during pregnancy time.

6. Shortness of breath:

The progesterone hormone increases shortness of breath during pregnancy so women feel caused to take deep breaths. It's called usual symptoms but still, it needs attention as well.

7. After a few days still a fever:

Pregnant women should avoid taking aspirin if the fever doesn't go away because some specific reasons like bacterial infections or viral illness cause fever to need too immediate care.

8. Extreme drowsiness or dizziness:

Blood pressure during pregnancy becomes low when the Progesterone hormone is unbalancing. So meeting with the doctor is needed.

9. Weight gain or loss:

Weight gain or weight loss (3) is based on overall situations but if it crosses above 25 or 35 pounds then you should look after this.

The good news is that most pregnancy symptoms completely look normal and will disappear within a few weeks. But if you are experiencing any of these above-mentioned then it requires immediate care and talking to your doctor.


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