India's 'Twin Towers' collapsed in 9 seconds.
Destroy 'Twin Towers'

India's 'Twin Towers' collapsed in 9 seconds.

The building was demolished in a massive explosion on Sunday


Illegally constructed 'Supertech Twin Towers' in Noida city of Uttar Pradesh state of India have been demolished. As previously announced, the building was demolished today Sunday through a massive explosion. The explosion lasted about 9 seconds. News from NDTV.

After 9 years of legal battle, the two towers were demolished based on the Supreme Court order. After the demolition of the buildings, the next challenge for the Noida authorities is to clear the debris. Before collapsing the building, the concerned officials said that about 55,000 tons of debris may accumulate. And it may take three months to clear it. These wastes will be dumped in designated areas.

Explosives weighing more than 3,700 kg were used to destroy the twin towers. Explosives were inserted into about 7,000 holes in the two buildings. 20 thousand circuits are installed there. Due to detonation using the 'waterfall technique' two towers collapsed straight down.

About 7,000 residents of the area were evacuated to safety before the building collapsed. Special measures were taken to ensure that the surrounding buildings were not damaged. Vehicles plying on that route were diverted to alternate routes.

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Some of the surrounding buildings are only eight meters away from the Twin Towers. Others are within a radius of 12 meters. They are covered with a special cloth to protect them from dust. A no-fly zone up to one nautical mile has been declared in that area.

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