Imran Khan apologized to the court.
Imran khan news today.

Imran Khan apologized to the court.


In the complaint, it was said that Imran Khan had threatened the police and judicial officials. The threat was made by Imran Khan after his close aide was not granted bail in a sedition case.


Under Pakistani law, Imran Khan would have been disqualified from holding public office for at least five years if found guilty of contempt of court.


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Imran Khan submitted an affidavit of his statement to the court. In this regard, Chief Justice Minallah said, the court evaluates your statement. You understand the importance of your statement.


Imran Khan's lawyer Faisal Chowdhury told the media that the court has adjourned the contempt case against Imran Khan.


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He also said that the court has directed Imran Khan to submit an unconditional apology to the court in a written application by October 3.


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