African cultures is expressed in many different ways
African culture artwork has become more and more popular, especially in the western world. This African art gallery is committed to bringing you fine original artworks created by African artists located in Africa.

Online African Culture Art is very interesting, exciting and beautiful. You can see different types of masks, carvings, sculptures, cloths and paintings online. African culture is also known to be very rich because they used their creativity as a way to express themselves. It was a special experience even to African people who wear their culture in every activity they do.


The art of African cultures is expressed in many different forms, including sculpture and painting. These works of art have been produced by African artists for centuries, and have influenced the work of many contemporary artists.


African culture art has been a major part of the world's art over the years. It has influenced many other forms of art from around the world. The oldest known example of African culture is found in the Culture of Nigeria. The African people were known for their walled towns and beautiful artwork made from terracotta clay. Many figures were made for religious purposes and were often decorated with clothing and jewelry made from copper or bronze.


Artistic works of African origin are often characterized by their unique use of vibrant colors and distinctive imagery. The following are some examples of African-inspired art you might want to take a closer look at:


Painting - This form of art has been around since prehistoric times when cave paintings were first created as part of religious rituals. Today, painting remains a popular form of expression for many artists who use the medium to portray their own vision of reality through various themes and styles.


Sculpture - Sculpture can be defined as a three-dimensional work created from one or more materials such as stone, metal or wood. Many African sculptures are known for their intricate designs which often feature animals or figures with exaggerated features such as large eyes, extended ears or elongated necks/arms/legs among others.


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