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The Scrum PSPO-II (Professional Scrum Product Owner II) Certification Exam is an advanced level certification for Product Owners in the Scrum framework. This certification is designed for experienced Product Owners who have already achieved the PSPO-I certification and have a deep understanding of the Scrum framework and Agile principles. The PSPO-II certification exam is designed to test the Product Owner's ability to manage complex product development processes and deliver value to customers in a dynamic and constantly changing environment.

The Scrum PSPO-II (Professional Scrum Product Owner II) Certification Exam is designed for experienced product owners who are looking to advance their skills and knowledge in the field of Scrum. This exam is the second level in the Professional Scrum Product Owner certification program and requires a deep understanding of the Scrum framework and how it can be applied to product development.

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PSPO-II Top Exam Dumps - Test PSPO-II Prep

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Scrum Professional Scrum Product Owner II Sample Questions (Q222-Q227):

Your product is used by businesses of various sizes. A very large company, that is interested in your product, would like a set of features implemented if they were to purchase your product. As a customer, this company would significantly increase your revenue. They also tell you that the features would improve your product and would win more customers. The requested features will be expensive and require extensive redesign. Also, you have not heard any similar feedback from any other customers or leads.
What is the most appropriate action? (choose the best answer)

  • A. Implement the features in line with the request as they are an influential customer.
  • B. Create experiments to better understand their needs and possible alternatives.
  • C. Perform market research to evaluate the demand for the features within the broader market.
  • D. Devise workarounds that will satisfy their request without needing a product redesign.

Answer: B

True or False: Max, a new Product Owner, is unsure about the types of requirements acceptable on a Product Backlog. He supposed that the Product Backlog should contain only a list of necessary features for a Product. The Developers should manage other types of requirements as Performing Requirement and Fixes. They are not the Product Owner's concern.

  • A. The Product Backlog should be the single source of truth for all the work
  • B. Yes, Max's idea is correct.
  • C. False, the Product Backlog also contains the following types: - Stability requirements, - Performance requirements, - Documentation, - Fixes - Product Functionality

Answer: A

As an investor or shareholder, which of the following measures might give you insight about whether a product is delivering value? (Choose all that apply)

  • A. Product profitability
  • B. The weekly velocity of the Developers
  • C. Revenue per Employee
  • D. Market Share
  • E. The average selling price as compared to close competitors

Answer: A,D,E

While working on the current Sprint, the Developers realized that they overestimated the work, selected too much to finish. Likely, they cannot complete all the selected Product Backlog Items within the Sprint.
What should they do now? (choose the best answer).

  • A. Wait until the Sprint Review to inform the Product Owner.
  • B. The Developers needs to collaborate with the Product Owner as soon as possible to remove some Product Backlog Items.
  • C. Get help from another Scrum Team, establish Knowledge Transfer sessions to spread the knowledge.
  • D. Dilute the Definition of Done so that the Team can meet and finish all the required Product Backlog Items

Answer: B

When should the Product Owner update the project plan? (choose the best answer)

  • A. Scrum forbids having a project plan.
  • B. Before the Sprint Planning to know how much work will have to be done in the Sprint.
  • C. After the Daily Scrum to ensure an accurate daily overview of project progress.
  • D. The Product Backlog is the plan in Scrum. It is updated as new information and insights emerge.

Answer: D


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