Marketing Color Psychology: What Do Colors Mean and How Do They Affect Consumers?
color psychology yeah this isn't kindergarten anymore prepare to see colors like you never have before hello world I'm Michael odor here with vis me the visual communication tool that enables you to create stunning visuals to WoW your viewers now what's one easy way to catch your viewers attention perhaps incorporating the perfect colors meant for your image

While you may not have known it we're also learning associations with color think about it your favorite color likely came from positive experiences with that single color when you were growing up but as you grew older you likely learned what colors represent blue represents intelligence green is associated with nature and yellow signifies happiness but the meaning of color doesn't stop there there's so much more to learn in the realm of color psychology you've come to the right place to get started shall we okay let's start with a quick review can you name the three primary colors are you thinking to yourself yellow blue and red maybe if so you deserve that popsicle but why are these the three primary colors well it's because these are the only colors that cannot be created when mixing any other two colors together so what happens when these colors combine I'm glad you asked secondary colors are created from the combination of two primary colors and the color wheel these are visualized in between the primary colors as you can see here .Checkout: online best assignment writing service uk


and if you want to live life on the wild side you'll combine a primary color with a secondary color creating a tertiary color mind-blown right if you want to dive even further into these colors check out our video where bis founder Peyman ty takes you through a journey for picking the best colors for your slots when you take all the primary secondary and tertiary colors and throw them all together you have what is called a color wheel any and every color imaginable is available in the color wheel and you can find a version of this on the viz me dashboard when you edit your projects the color picker is nearly identical to the color wheel allowing you to find the perfect color for your designs color nuances are important in visual marketing because they convey your brand personality.

choosing the right color Nuits can either detract or support your overall message so let's take a look at the different nuances in how they differ pure colors or hues or any colors unaffected by tints or shades there's no brightness at it no darkness added it's the original color seen around the outer edges of these color wheels and as I mentioned one way to alter a pure color is with tints this is when whites is added to that original color making things brighter and on the other hand shades are your natural hue by plaque coloring hence these colors appear darker now our variation of these two would be adding gray to the pure colors these are called tones and can create millions of different colors the easiest way to adjust to each of these three color nuances is by adjusting the saturation of your color a pure color is at normal saturation but can be d saturated with white gray or black to form an entirely new color this is when color pairing is crucial some saturations of blue look great with yellow while .