What Does Your Hair Tell Others About You?
Out in public, first impressions count. The way you appear is crucial for making a good first impression, whether you're using a dating app or going for a job.

First, I want to hear what your hair has to say. Men's haircut is a visual expression of their demeanour and beauty. The law of attraction dictates that if you put up your best effort, you will attract those who do the same.

The Harvey Spector Look

You may have thought about going for that suave attorney appearance if you want to dress the part. You portray an impression of prosperity and power by dressing as lavishly as your income allows. And what confident businesswoman could resist dating such a man? Maybe a couple, but really, you don't need them.

Have a clean shave, trim your brows, and put on a sharp designer suit if you want to pull off this character successfully. You just made it official.

The Pretty Boy Look

Wherever you go, as long as it's beyond the wall or the king's landing, long hair will go you far with the ladies.

Keep in mind that not every man will look well in this outfit. To pull off these tussled waves, you need to have traditionally attractive features. Wearing male jewellery like leather or hemp bracelets can accentuate your free-spirited vibe.

The Hipster Man Bun

There's something about a man bun that screams "I'm better than all of you" to everybody in earshot, but hey, as long as you know how to manipulate it, who cares?

Finding a happy medium between being artistic and accessible is key. Otherwise, you won't be the life of the party if you just wear stylish glasses, a nonconformist beard, and an outfit consisting of obnoxiously organic biodegradable hipster items.

The Pompadour

You, with your stylish pompadour, are the one every girl says she hates but secretly adores.

With your well-groomed locks and not a hair out of place, you know you've made it. This outfit is versatile enough to be worn everywhere, from the workplace, where it adds a modern touch to your suit, to a night out with friends, where it spices up your standard t-shirt and jeans.