Perm Men Hairstyles Before Having Curls
These days, a man with a perm won't really shock anybody. Men are just as likely as women to test out new styles by switching up their hair texture.

This is the moment to give yourself the curly or wavy hair you've always desired. You can get hair perm styles from the barber shop Dubai.

Perm Men

The greatest men's perm hairstyles are discussed, but first, let's talk about what a perm really is. The purpose of this treatment is to give straight hair a curly or wavy appearance by applying chemicals to the hair.

Curly Faux Hawk

People who believe that straight hair is required for a faux hawk have clearly never worn one with curls. The hair is considerably more willing to keep the form you give it, making it not only easier to style but also looking just as bold and modern as before.

Modern Male Perm Undercut Fade

You may update your perm by getting a fade on the back and sides. The undercut fade is the ultimate in contrast and audacity. It will not only make your hair seem stronger and more noticeable, but it will also make upkeep a breeze.

Highlights Bald Fade

If you want to try the bleached perm look but aren't quite ready to commit, highlights are the way to go. They assist you in bringing your curls to the forefront while also generating a multifaceted and defined hairstyle.

Korean Perm Men

Although most Koreans have hair that is naturally straight, a perm hair male style may be used to add structure. Yet, a really tight perm is not necessary for males. You can make any man look fantastic with a Korean perm by adding a little bend to his hair.

Jelly Roll Hair


Jelly rolls are all the rage right now, but you need curly or wavy hair to pull them off. Short top perms are acceptable if your hair is naturally straight. When you've prepared your hair's texture, use a lot of styling products to give it the look you want, or you can get it from a barber shop.