Men's Formal Haircuts for Weddings
As the groom is usually the least noticeable guest at a wedding, you may assume that only brides need ideas for their hair. We think that this interpretation is rather deceptive. The groom receives just as much attention as the bride does. That's why you need to get your hair done perfectly for this event.

Ten years from now, you don't plan on keeping your wedding album a secret from your children, do you? To prevent this from happening, I have compiled a list of the most impressive wedding hairstyles for guys.

Fade Haircut

No matter how formal or casual the dress code is for your wedding, you should look your best. That's when a fade comes in handy. This stylish cut is a great match for any look, from a classic combo to an edgy faux hawk. So, choosing it will immediately give you a photo-ready appearance.

Medium Wavy Hair

Having your hair in its natural state, particularly if it is wavy, is a beautiful choice for a wedding. Medium-length hair is ideal for showcasing its texture. Use a generous amount of style product and let your hair hang loose to create beachy waves.

Side Parted Medium Hair

A side part, while apparently unimportant, may provide structure and definition to your medium-long hair. Hence, you should not go crazy while deciding on a hairstyle for your wedding. Its understated elegance works as well with everything from a casual business suit to a traditional tuxedo.

Short Slick Back

Men with short hair might think about wearing their hair slicked back during the wedding. It's effective on both coarse and fine hair types. Choose a hairstyling product that has a good grip if you don't want your hair to fall flat in the midst of the party.

Curly Locks

Men who have naturally curly hair may breathe a sigh of relief; they are not required to straighten their hair for the wedding. Instead, it causes them to celebrate them and get a cut that highlights them, like the one in the picture.

Brushed Up Hair

You want your hairstyle to stand out; that much is clear. So, it appears like a great idea to go with a really full hairdo for the wedding. Thus, think of a haircut like this with plenty of volumes as brushed up. All you need is a brush, a hair dryer, and a hairstyling product with a firm grip to get this look.



You can't get away with a bedhead if you look at the many examples of men's wedding haircuts online. Unless, of course, it was planned. I hope that after perusing this collection of the greatest men's haircuts for a wedding day, you will feel motivated to schedule an appointment with your barber. You can get any formal or casual men's haircut from the best barber shop Dubai, CG barber.