Global Civilian Armored Vehicle Market 2022-2032 - Aviation and Defense Market Reports
Global Civilian Armored Vehicle Market 2022-2032 report is seen expanding rapidly owing to the requirement for civilian safety. The total market has been segmented by Region, Type, and Demographics. The Table of Content would give the readers a perspective of the coverage of the Global Civilian Armored Vehicle Market 2022-2032.

1. Aviation And Defense Market Report Segments

Aviation And Defense Market Report Segments

2. Global Civilian Armored Vehicle Market 2022-2032

A common connotation used to describe a  Civilian armored vehicle is an armored VIP car. They are structured to provide maximum ballistic protection against threats to the occupants. Two of the key components used in the manufacturing of civilian armored vehicles include bulletproof glass and armor plating. These defense mechanisms are very often used in combination with other features to aid security and safety to civilians.

Armored cars are typically used for the transportation of public figures, political leaders, and other VIPs. They are also used by law enforcement agencies as well as private and military contractors.


A commercial vehicle forms the base for a civilian armored car. They are created via retrofitting the existing model of a civilian vehicle with a ballistic protective layer. Several commercial OEMs produce armored car models as a part of their product range itself. The Audi Security Vehicles (model A6 and A8), BMW security series (3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, and X5 models), and the Mercedez Benz Guard Vehicles, i.e. E, ML, GL, G & S Class are examples of commercially produced armored cars. The rising number of militant threats and insurgencies amongst civilians has led to the market expansion for armored cars. Given the change in the market scenario, the total addressable market for civilian armored vehicles includes upper-middle-class citizens as well. The growing requirement for security solutions across transportation platforms has led to the expansion of the consumer base for armored cars.

On studying the regional competitive landscaping for the Global Civilian armored vehicles market, APAC registers as one of the key segments within this vertical. The growing requirement for civilian safety in addition to the exceedingly high crime rate within APAC is anticipated to be one of the key drivers for this market. Moreover, the advent of urban warfare further broadens the market for armored cars to military personnel as well. In the year 2012, the German Auto manufacturer Audi planned on entering the Indian high-end armored car market. The company conducted an Auto Expo in New Delhi during the very same year. Audi was witnessed to gain roughly 20 inquiries from top corporate honchos and the government of India during this expo. The company planned on maintaining a selective sale of the vehicle to police and the military forces in specific.


In 2021, Audi revealed its plans to expand production within India. This strategic move was made to reduce the heavy taxes levied on imported models of this vehicle. Presently, Audi manufactures only two of its models in India, i.e. the Audi A6 sedan and Audi 4 sedan. The company plans on amping up the production of these models to 80-85% of the cars sold in India. As of 2020, Audi launched its new 8L series in India. The company plans on developing a strong footprint for armored cars within the Indian market owing to the economic stance of this nation. The carmaker plans on expanding its product line up during the coming decade, thus increasing competitiveness within the Civilian Armored Vehicles Market.


North America is another key market for civilian armored vehicles. Sub-regions like Baltimore, Detroit, Memphis, and Saint Loius are recorded to have a high crime rate as compared to the rest of the region. As of 2018, the crime rate in the US was recorded to be 5.0%. However, the advent of COVID-19 has led to a substantial increase in the crime wave across this nation. An increase in crime rate instates a direct requirement for added security and safety, thus translating to an increased sales value for commercial armored vehicles. According to the BMW sales in North America, it is to be noted that the sales for 5 Series and 7 Series increased by a value of 32.6% and 37.5% between FY 2020-2021. The X5 is another armored car that has gained popularity within the North American Market. Between Q1 2020 and Q2 2020, the sales for this model surged by a value of 94.2%. On making a year-on-year comparison, the total sales are seen to increase by a value of 52.7%. The BMW X5 is a sports activity vehicle, the overall sales for armored sports cars were hereby seen to account for roughly 60% of the sales value.


Civilian Armored Vehicles are constructed based on armoring standards like Ballistics Rating commonly classified as BR. This standardization is a European classification that is used to certify overall vehicle construction, as well as the grade of materials used. Some of the other governing bodies that impose vehicle standardization regulations include the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). It is a US federal government agency that enforces vehicle safety regulations and performance standards through partnerships with local as well as state governments. The imposed regulations ensure civilian safety by reducing the number of road traffic accidents.