Yellow Gold Wedding Band
Yellow gold wedding bands are as much a part of the wedding tradition as the ceremony itself. Its warm, soft glow gives the wearer a sense of comfort and security that lasts well beyond the big day. While other types of metal can come and go, yellow gold wedding rings have a timeless quality that many couples find appealing.

Yellow Gold Wedding Band: Color That Suits Every Women

Pull out your grandmother’s jewelry box because Yellow Gold Wedding Bands are in vogue. But honestly, yellow gold was never really out. A perpetual favorite that looks good on everyone will always be in style. So, are we surprised that yellow gold is not having significance? No way. We’re debunking some Yellow Gold Wedding Band myths and praising this classic color. Yellow gold wedding bands are always a showstopper, but there are plenty of ways to incorporate yellow gold into your ring stack.

Yellow Gold Wedding Band is as much a part of the wedding as the ceremony itself. Their warm, soft glow gives the owner a feeling of comfort and reassurance that lasts well beyond the big day. While other metal types may fade in and out of fashion, Yellow Gold Wedding Bands have a timeless quality that many couples find appealing. Read further to discover why we love this metal.

What is Yellow Gold Made Of?

24K Yellow Gold is made of, you guessed it right, Gold. It is Pure Gold. Since it is very soft and malleable and can easily dent or bend with wear. This type of gold is not used for making Wedding Band. In place, we use 10K, 14K and 18K gold which are alloy. Our 18K gold contains 75% gold, 15% silver and 10% copper.

There’s lots of yellow gold out there, which is why we choose to recycle our metals. We use 100% recycled yellow gold to make our custom pieces, which is great for the environment and your wallet.

Not All Yellow Gold Is Same

Have you ever noticed a Yellow Gold Band that is sometime super yellow, another that is greener, and another so pale you’re not even sure it’s yellow gold? That is because of alloy. 14K gold can be very pale, and for that reason, we suggest purchasing 18K yellow gold if you want that bright, classic yellow colour band. If you like a more muted look, 14K may be just the right option for what you’re looking for!

Our Trendiest Ring To Consider!!!

Being inspired by new trends and emerging designs can ensure that your ring will be something that’s on-trend for now, but that you’ll love it forever. Below Images will show how the wedding and jewellery industry is embracing new and modern designs while remaining classic and everlasting. Keep reading and fall in love with our collection!

                                                 Bold Wedding Band

Why settle in less when you could make a statement? Bold settings are the must-watch trends for this year. Vintage Star Wedding Band, Eternity Band, Open Wedding Band are fearless representations of love, commitment, and style for you and your partner. Featuring shiny gold, spiked detailing, and a mix of delicately set diamonds, these pieces are sure to be unique and eye-catching.

      Contoured Stacking Band

There’s something about Stackable Wedding Band that just feels complete. When layered together, your band can create a personalized story that can be added to over the years while celebrating your many anniversaries and marriage milestones. Contoured wedding band stacks work to complement and embrace your engagement ring while providing a unique visual story that feels both modern and timeless. The Eternity band is the perfect layering piece that will work with a variety of gemstone shapes and sizes.

                                                Diamond Detailing

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This timeless pairing is sure to draw attention to your stacking band and will be the perfect accessory for your engagement ring. The Light, Fragile, and Balance rings by Eurekalook are redesigned classics to bring a subtle statement.

                                                  Colourful Stone

Say "yes" to a colourful life and a big "yes" to even more Colourful Wedding Band! Whether your engagement ring is a unique diamond or a boldly coloured gemstone, it can be perfectly paired with a vibrant wedding band to match your personal style! Pink Tourmaline, Onyx, Salt and Pepper, Sapphire and Emeralds are just a few stones that are making a statement in 2022.

                                                You And Me Band

Toi et Moi (You and Me) flawlessly represent the love and vow that marriage promises. No matter what your final decision is, your Wedding Band and Engagement Ring should feel just as right together as you and your partner when you finally say, “I Do”.

If you’re still not sure if yellow gold is right for you that’s OK! This is one of the last decisions you’ll have to make so why not leave it until the very end. There are plenty of other things to decide in the meantime. Like your stone shape, setting height, whether or not to get pavé diamonds on the band, shank type, etc.

In the meantime, if you’re still waffling between stone shapes (who isn’t) request a sketch of your dream ring. There is no limit, and we can help you visualize the carat weights on your actual ring size.