The Best Modern Window Coverings
Curtains, shutters, blinds, do you choose what to cover your windows with for privacy and insulation?

Modern Urban Shutters

Leaving a window bare with no decoration means that you get no privacy day or night.  It also means you cannot prevent glare or keep your room warm or cool. But how do you decide what to hang on your windows?


Every option available has its merits so you need to work out what you need the window covering to do.

Window Covering Budget

Let's start with your budget. With a small window this may not be an issue, but you will need to spend hundreds of pounds if you wish made-to-measure lined curtains in a quality material for a large window.  If you have a standard sized window, there will be a large choice of ready made curtains and blinds available to buy for a wide range of budgets.

Interior Decor

What is your home interior style? Do you love colour and traditional styles or neutral colours and clean lines? This will impact your choice of window covering.  A more traditional living room with comfy sofas and cushions is more likely to have curtains or maybe a Roman blind or both. 

A modern flat may just have a simple roller blind. 



What do you want from your window covering?  Is it simply to make your interior decor look complete or do you need blinds to prevent sun glare on your TV or laptop? Maybe you need to protect antique furniture from the sun.  Or maybe you have a cold room and need a covering that will help keep heat in the room especially in the winter. 


Once you have worked out your budget and requirements, we recommend getting in touch with your local curtain and blinds shop who will be able to advise you further.


At Forth Blinds in Scotland we specialise in all types of made-to-measure blinds and shutters. 

Why Urban Shutters may be the ideal choice for your home.

Urban Shutters look similar to traditional wooden shutters, however, are cheaper, easier to make, and look fantastic especially in a modern home with clean lines. They are also waterproof so can be used in bathrooms and kitchens. 


At Forth Blinds, we are now an approved seller of Urban Shutters and are as delighted as our customers to see the finished results.

The benefits of these great window shutters are:

  • You get privacy and natural light
  • They look great
  • They are suitable for all rooms including bathrooms
  • They need no maintenance and can be wiped clean
  • They are suitable in homes with small children or pets as they have no dangerous dangly cords
  • They are made in the UK so there is no long wait to get them from abroad
  • They are lighter than wooden shutters but very strong
  • They will provide insulation on a cold winter night.
  • 100% recyclable.

If you live in Edinburgh or the Lothians, please do get in touch for a free quote or any other advice on blinds and shutters.