Selecting the Perfect Jewellery for Your Perfect Bridesmaid
Perfect Jewellery for Your Perfect Bridesmaid

If you are a bride-to-be with your big day approaching soon, first of all congratulations! Now, we are writing this if your responsibilities include selecting the perfect jewellery for your perfect bridesmaid(s) along with your own proposal ring. Yes, it is trickier than you realize. When it is about your bridesmaid, we are sure you will love them for standing by your side as you say ‘I Do’ to your beloved one. So why not make their day special as well?

You may find it surprising that not many people make an effort into choosing jewellery for bridesmaids. But definitely, readers like you are here to change that. And this article will help you to get a good idea for choosing beautiful bridesmaid accessories. Also, make sure that you know your bridesmaid(s) preferences before making your choice. Sounds interesting? Read further…

Bridesmaid Earrings

Mostly all types of earrings will match well with a wedding. Eventually everything comes down to the bridesmaid’s preferences and you knowing your bridesmaid well. For example, if the theme involves keeping the bridesmaid’s hair down, drop earrings are ideal for complementing that style. Or if the theme involves colourful dresses, you can elevate the occasion with matching earrings depending on the favourite colour of every bridesmaid. Go ahead, make it memorable.

Bridesmaid Bracelets

Representing the power of friendship and love, bracelets can be a beautiful addition to your bridesmaids’ outfits. They can be gold, silver or colourful and also have an admiring presence on your big day. What’s more, your bridesmaids will only look all the more charming!

Bridesmaid Necklaces

The best necklace for a bridesmaid to wear is a minimalistic necklace. So think pendants or V-neck necklaces with GIA certified diamonds, these both are the best starting choices for a bridesmaid. For you, it is certainly a good headache to have. If you want to go for something that is timeless, you are looking for pearl necklaces, because who doesn’t love pearl necklaces?

Bridesmaid Rings

In this case, your bridesmaids deserve nothing but the best. Pardon us for being biased but say, your wedding destination is in Singapore. You can choose an aesthetic approach by surprising your bridesmaids with enchanting diamond rings in Singapore or choose rings that emanate meaning such as an engraved signet ring which is a classic. It is a certain way of sending your bridesmaids all the love you can possibly share with them.


We have listed only some of our recommendations above, but visit our exquisite store of Infiniti Jewels and you get the opportunity to personally experience a world of jewellery that you have never before. Because, our expertise is not just in jewellery, it is also in making you and your bridesmaid(s) day extraordinary.