Dark Grey Worktops
Dark Grey Quartz is mostly used for kitchen countertops and backsplashes

Fugen Dark Grey Quartz Worktops -2022

The stainless steel splashbacks and bronze knobs perfectly complement the dark grey kitchen worktops and dark grey cabinets to create the ideal elegant kitchen. The worktops are made of composite stone called Grigio Piombo, which has a particularly sturdy, smooth grey surface.

Any environment benefits from the subtlety and elegance of Fugen Dark Grey. Any furniture may look magnificent while also highlighting other elements of the room thanks to the distinctive and colourful appearance of the Fugen Dark Grey Worktops. This quartz worktop can serve as the centrepiece of interior design in living areas including kitchens, hallways, and study spaces.

With Fugen Stone, you can find a way to make your ideal decor a reality. Using our unique quartz stones, which may compliment paintwork, laminates, and other items without making them appear drab in appearance, you can harmonise the many parts of your room. The Quartz stone will offer a signature look to all the pieces in your room while preserving all of its remarkable material features, including porcelain, wood, metal, and even glass.