Bezel Set Engagement Ring: For a Simple and Stylish Look
Like other engagement ring settings, bezel settings are available in a wide range of different metals, including yellow, white, or rose gold and platinum.

Bezel Set Engagement Ring: For a Simple and Stylish Look

Traditionally, engagement rings command attention as they stand out as a sparkling centerpiece on the left hand, while the wedding band is styled much more simply. However, since the two rings are often worn as a dazzling duo, many brides want their wedding band to complement their engagement ring.

An Engagement Ring setting holds the stone in place. Setting plays a direct role in the appearance of the stone and enhances its brilliance.

This style is a great option for couples who appreciate tradition but also want a ring that's a bit flashier than the norm. The combination of a larger stone and a thinner band creates a balanced feel and flatters the hand.

Modern and durable, Bezel Settings are a popular choice for engagement rings. A bezel setting is a type of ring that holds the diamond in a thin, specially designed metal rim that surrounds the outside of the stone, keeping it secure while showing off its beauty.

The Bezel Setting is a simple thin metal rim that surrounds the outside or surrounds the diamond or gemstone to protect and hold it securely. This setting gives the center stone a raised ring of protection that no other setting can offer.

With its classic look and elegance, a rubbed set Engagement Ring can be a stunning choice for any couple to share and cherish. But when couples understand exactly what a bezel engagement ring is and what it looks like, they can decide whether a bezel ring better reflects the depth and uniqueness of their own romance.

Bezel-Set Engagement Rings are both modern with a clean, minimalist look and a vintage feel. "Bezel-set diamond rings are also a great option for those who are very active or athletic.

If you want your diamond to be the center of attention and want a look that really gets the diamond front and center without a lot of extra detail, then consider a Bezel Set Engagement Ring.

Bezel setting comes in a variety of styles, from elegant solitaire rings to settings with pavé diamonds, halo, or side stones. Some features intricate design features like beads and a half bezel.

The Bezel Settings have a sleek and modern look that is very different from other popular engagement ring settings. If you and your fiancé-to-be love modern jewelry, you might appreciate the style of a bezel setting over other types of settings.

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