2 Recommended e-liquids
Vape devices (i.e., electronic cigarettes), which allow users to enjoy non-nicotine, non-tar vapor, are gaining in popularity.

2 Recommended e-liquids

Vape devices (i.e., electronic cigarettes), which allow users to enjoy non-nicotine, non-tar vapor, are gaining in popularity. However, even if you have a vape, its appeal will be lost if you can't taste the delicious liquid. Here, writer Ryoichi Shimizu, a regular vape user, recommends the following liquids that he thinks are the best in Japan and abroad. Here, writer Ryoichi Shimizu, a regular vape lover, picks up four recommended liquids, one from Japan and one from overseas. We would like to share them with you along with the basics of liquid and points to consider when selecting them.

Are vape liquids safe?

A vape is an electronic cigarette that uses an internal coil to heat liquid injected into a tank inside the device, and the vapor generated is inhaled and enjoyed. Heated cigarettes such as "Icos," which are very popular in Japan, are tobacco products in which the vapor derived from glycerin is inhaled in the same way, but while heated cigarettes contain nicotine, vape products in Japan do not contain nicotine liquid.

Most vape liquids are based on a combination of PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin), which are commonly used as additives (e.g., preservatives) in prepared foods such as convenience stores and cosmetics. Since both of these ingredients are at the food level, it is safe to say that their safety is less problematic.

Points to consider when choosing a vape liquid

Check the ratio of PG to VG.

Keep in mind the characteristics of PG and VG, which form the base of a vape liquid, and if necessary, check the ratio of each, which will help you choose a liquid that is close to your taste.

PG is relatively smooth and easy to handle, and it tends to produce the throat kick (pressure on the throat) that you feel when you smoke a cigarette. However, it produces less vapor. VG, on the other hand, produces more vapor, but it is highly viscous and sloppy, so it is very sticky and difficult to spill. Also, the high viscosity means that the liquid is supplied to the coils more slowly, which makes it easier to burn empty (burning empty coils burns the coils). Recently, there is a "MAX VG" liquid of the same brand that has a VG ratio increased to the limit for those who want to increase vapor volume, but it is best to avoid it for beginners because it also increases the likelihood of burning empty.

Beginners are less likely to make mistakes if they try domestic eliquids.

Whether domestic or foreign vape manufacturers, as long as the products are made by well-known manufacturers such as those introduced here, there are no basic safety issues. However, from the perspective of enjoying flavors, products made by domestic manufacturers are often more to the liking of Japanese people. Therefore, if you are a vape beginner, it is recommended that you start with domestically produced eliquids. However, if you want to enjoy exotic flavors or if you are originally a "Western-style" (foreign cigarette) vaper, it is worth a try.

It is convenient to have a bottle of menthol eliquid.

For example, even if you like a liquid you tried in a store, you may find it tastes different when you put it in your vape at home and smoke it. The taste of the liquid depends on the output wattage of the vape and the resistance of the built-in coil that produces the vapor, so the taste will also change when you use a different model.

In such cases, menthol liquid is a good thing to have. It is not unusual to find that even if you find the taste a little unacceptable, adding a drop or two of menthol liquid will sort out the taste and make the vape more palatable. Incidentally, if the taste is too strong, diluting it with PG or VG and adjusting the concentration to your liking is also a royal trick to recover from a failure.

2 recommended liquids

1. Rocket Fuel Vapers "Reaper Blend

When cigarette and heated tobacco users switch to vaping, they are often faced with the problem that "tobacco flavor" somehow tastes like nuts. Even if the package says "tobacco flavor," it is almost certain to be a nut flavor. Moreover, they are so sweet that some people clench their fists and say, "Sweet nuts are not cigarettes! No wonder many people clench their fists and say, "Sweet nuts are not cigarettes!

However, if you look carefully, you will find that there are other liquids like Reaper Blend that are less sweet (glycerin is sweet to begin with, so there are almost no liquids that are not sweet at all), and that somehow give the impression of tobacco. However, to be precise, it tastes more like a cigarillo (a slim cigar) than a cigarillo. The faintly smoky taste can be interpreted as tobacco. The "bad-for-you" feeling characteristic of cigarettes is subdued, and only the parts that are tasty have been extracted. Smoking this tobacco will make many people think deeply about what tobacco tastes like in the first place. Rather than using an explosion type vape that exhales a large amount of vapor, using a pen type vape and inhaling vigorously and then exhaling, the tobacco taste will be more intense.

2. Tark's Select Reserve BUFFALO BILL

If you are still not satisfied with "Reaper Blend", try "Buffalo Bill". While "Reaper Blend" stops just short of the nice tobacco smell, "BUFFALO BILL" is a bit more subtle, reaching for the stinky part.

It has a unique smell like rotting hay, and the taste is peculiar as well. This is also closer to a type of black tobacco made from fermented tobacco leaves, such as the French cigarettes "Gitane" and "Gauloise," rather than to Japanese paper cigarettes. Or cigars. The sweetness of honey is also added to the flavor, which reminds me of the guilty feeling of smoking cigarettes. Be careful not to exhale too much of the vapor, as the nasty smell will waft into the surroundings.

Incidentally, even if this doesn't work, there is a nicotine salt eliquid called Lunar Rover "BLK. This one is also known as "water from the ashtray in the smoking area." It tastes like a condensed version of the worst parts of cigarettes with minimal sweetness, and is not recommended, but it can be found at .......


When it comes to vape eliquids, it is difficult to find one that tastes good for everyone. Even if the same vape model produces the same amount of vapor, the flavor will vary depending on whether it is a mouth to lung (MTL) vape or a direct lung (DL) vape. The flavor is different depending on whether you inhale MTL or direct to lung (DTL).

Therefore, even if you feel bad after taking a sip, you can keep it in case you want to buy a different model later. Also, once you open a bottle of liquid, it begins to age by exposure to air, known as "steeping," and the flavor may change. Since it is not a cheap purchase, it would be a good idea to take such possibilities into consideration and use the liquid wisely.