Best 10 Design Ideas for Commercial Space Interiors
Looking for interior ideas for commercial spaces? Explore here, the best 10 interior design ideas for commercial spaces.

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While interior decor is all about subjectiveness and creative expression, an inventively designed space can lack merit if user-convenience and ergonomics are missing. This is true more so for commercial interior design, which must ensure a spatial conduciveness for all kinds of productivity to flourish.

To architect an ideal space where thinking, dreaming, and creative brainstorming would know no bounds, sometimes, you may have to veer just a little off the usual track. Imagine an office interior design that stands out with unconventional colours, bold patterns, statement furniture, eye-catching accent pieces, and inviting corners themed around eccentric interests.

Here are ten great interior decor ideas to break the monotony of commercial spaces and keep your creative juices flowing:

Bring retro back on the map with rattan and wicker accent pieces that also confirm green choices in design. Embellish your office lounge with web-work rattan settees around cane coffee tables, flanked by wicker storage baskets for holding magazines and dailies.

Deepen the evocative mid-century vibe further with wicker bookshelves, planters, and cabinets with rattan doors accentuating the seating area.

Exposed Brickwork

Whether you are designing an industrial-vibed space or a neutral palette, Scandinavian commercial interior with exposed brickworks can blend anywhere with panache. Make a recreational corner for your staff with exposed brickwork walls in a contrast colour.

Keep an open-backed shelf lined with gripping book titles, hang framed sketches and pop art, or lean an accent piece like a mirror or a grunge sign against the wall to achieve that stylishly ‘grounded’, rough-hewn look.

Wall-mounted Sconce Lights

Wondering how to make cramped commercial interiors feel more expansive and breathable? Wall-mounted lighting fixtures can be the solution you are looking for. Mounted sconce lights not only induce a pleasing atmosphere but also balance overhead light sources and thus flesh out the overall decor.

Full-blown Maximalist Design

Maximalism is all about going overboard with object d’art. Feature bold palettes, outlandish contrasts, ornamental patterns, and gritty painterly motifs. Suffuse your space with dazzling mementos, gold leafed scrolls, sequined tapestries, eclectic curios, and oodles of other fantastic artsy stuff.

It’s time you stop shying away from going full-blown maximalist, because more actually IS more, and maximalist workplace design ideas are here to stay!

Soothing Green Foliage

Make your workspace interior more breathable and refreshing with clusters of greenery accenting the depths of your workspace. Not only do plants have a soothing effect on jangled nerves but they also reduce indoor air pollutants like formaldehyde, by constantly purifying the atmosphere they are placed in.

Experiment with indoor greens like classic English Ivy to shroud over accent walls, bamboo palm or reed palm for balconies and shady corners, or luscious succulents like aloe or mother-in-law’s tongue to spruce up monotonous work desks.

Muted Charcoal Interiors

Pick charcoal grey to create perfectly natural backdrops for modern workspaces, against which ornamental accent pieces can simply pop. Charcoal offers a chic alternative to black, while also staying faithful to an un-loud, mellow aesthetic.

You can introduce charcoal in your spaces in a number of innovative ways – pick a sofa in charcoal upholstery, make walls a muted grey and pair with accent pieces in cooler shades, or introduce charcoal draperies to your workspace. The toned-down look of charcoal can also apply to washrooms of commercial interiors with grey and white tiling.

Neon Accents

While dark hues like charcoal are great for creating muted commercial spaces, every once in a while, you might want to throw a splash of spring colours into the mix. That’s where striking neon hues come in. Visually searing, neons might be a bit much for those who want to play it safe in the decor of commercial spaces – but the instantly mood-lifting effects of this set of luminescent colours would then remain unexplored.

You can break barriers with neons in commercial interiors without making it an assault on the senses, by using them simply for accents. Some fun ideas could be – neon green rope-woven hanging planters, a popping fluorescent lamp shade against muted dark pastel shaded walls, or framed art with an undertone of fluorescence.

Dramatic Patterns

Unleash a kaleidoscopic rally of eccentric motifs in flamboyant shades in your maximally designed commercial space, to spark off latent creative instincts in your workforce. Whether it is fun geometric shapes or oriental nature motifs that you are experimenting with, take the liberty to make them absolutely vivid and dramatic.

Rustic Interiors

Rustic for interiors is yet to catch up in decor styles for commercial spaces. If you thought reclaimed wood furniture and rough hewn upholstery fabrics can only go well in farmhouse interiors, you are in for a surprise. Commercial spaces like the lounge and visitors’ bay for restaurants, hotels, and corporate offices too can look and feel a class apart with unpolished wood finishes, bone inlaid centrepieces, and jute or coir woven tapestries and wall hangings.

Besides making a powerful statement of love for Mother Nature, rustic-style interiors can also work wonders for inducing a stress-free environment for business and work. Also, with a great volume of reclaimed stuff as part of the plan, a rustic theme can minimise your interior decor budget significantly.

Velvet Curtains and Upholstery

Velvet undeniably suggests opulence and glamour. Having been all the rage for premium hotel boudoirs, velvet can be unconventionally expressive when used in commercial spaces as well. Infuse its richness through throw-cushion covers for your office settees, curtains and drapes of your workspace alcoves, and floor rugs for front rooms of your business to exude an unmistakable premium feel.

To deepen the upmarket essence of velvet, introduce the fabric in your interiors in mellow shades like – cerulean blue, teal, sage green, and soft carnalian. Velvet is also evocative of a typical 80’s aesthetic which can be cleverly utilised in commercial offices centres on art.

Bottom line – freewheeling experimental approach, balanced by a sense of purpose and user-centrism, can make commercial interiors infinitely interesting, leading to increased employee productivity and amplified brand visibility.

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