Save on Energy Bills with new Thermal Blinds
Window blinds can not only add to the interior decor of your home but they can help reduce your heating bills too!

Rising Cost of Energy Bills

Every time we hear, watch or read the latest news we are told about the rising cost of energy bills and how people are struggling to pay for their heating bills along with all the other rising costs. It is now January in Scotland, and it is very difficult to stay comfortable at home without putting on the heating for at least part of the day.  Most people will choose to feel warm and cosy in the evening after a long day at work.

How to keep warm without turning on the central heating

If you are moving about and cooking or cleaning you can warm up quickly and manage fine without needing any heating in your home, but if you are sitting still reading a book, watching TV or studying you will get cold quickly.  

That is when you will need to wear a few more layers and possibly wrap a blanket around you or wear a warm dressing gown over your clothes. 

Insulating your home

A home that is well-insulated will stay warm for much longer than one that has draughts and no insulation.  Any sun coming in during the day will warm your room and it will stay warm much longer if the room is insulated.  Many countries offer grants for home insulation and it is advisable to take what is on offer.  If your home has no insulation, all the heat coming off your radiators will quickly disappear from your building. This means that even if you have a thermostat, the boiler won't cut out very often as the heat will drop quickly from the room.

Other ways to insulate a room

Apart from loft insulation and cavity wall insulation, there are other ways to add additional insulation to a room.  For instance, you can add a door draught excluder to stop any drafts from coming in from the hallway and the heat from leaving. The next place to check is your windows.  If they are old and draughty or single-glazed you can lose a lot of heat there. By hanging thick curtains and/or insulated blinds you can prevent more heat from escaping. 

Even if you have modern double-glazed windows, curtains and blinds can still make a big improvement to your warmth and insulation, especially on cold, dark nights. 

Insulated Window Blinds

All types of blinds will add some insulation to your room, however, there are some that are better than others. 

The best kind of insulated blinds currently available is Honeycomb blinds. They have an innovative cellular structure that helps to keep the warm air in the room and the cold air out. The other benefit of these blinds is that they let some daylight in, even when they are pulled down.

If you don't like Honeycomb blinds, a Roman blind made from thick material or with a thermal lining will help to keep you cosy in the evening.  The only issue with these is that you will block out daylight if you wish to shut them during the day. 

Shutters and wooden Venetian blinds can also add a decent amount of insulation but you will need to keep the slats closed.  Therefore the only option that is great for during the day and nighttime, is Honeycomb blinds.

Honeycomb Thermal Blinds

Honeycomb Thermal Blinds