How Will Solar Products Change the Energy Dynamics in India?
Naturally, the question arises, how will this shift affect the energy sector and energy demand? To answer that, let’s dive deep into India’s current energy demand.

Even now, when sustainable practices have become the norm, the Indian energy sector still depends largely on non-renewable resources to generate power. To put it into numbers, at least 75% of the energy produced comes from fossil fuels. However, the situation is going to change in the next few years, with the rising awareness of renewable energy sources, and most importantly, the growing adoption of solar products in India

Naturally, the question arises, how will this shift affect the energy sector and energy demand? To answer that, let’s dive deep into India’s current energy demand. 

India’s Energy Demand

The Indian industrial and residential sectors are the greatest consumers of electricity. Plus, the demand is projected to go by 11% by 2040. Suffice to say, with the current supply of fossil fuels, the jump in demand can’t be met with non-renewable resources alone. Even if there was enough supply, the negative repercussions of burning fossil fuels can’t be ignored. 

Fortunately, the Government of India has taken proactive steps to battle this problem. For instance, the government aimed at generating 175GW (gigawatts) of power by 2020, the majority portion of which was to be generated via solar energy. 100GW, to be precise.

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Benefits of Residential Solar Energy 

With homes across India equipped to harness solar energy, it will be a massive load off the shoulders of the energy industry. Other than that, since the sun shines across the globe, all countries around the world can go energy independent, without having to worry about supply and demand. But solar energy doesn’t only benefit the energy industry, but the consumers as well. 

Here are some of its most salient benefits:

  • Cost savings 

Compared to fossil fuel-generated power, harnessing solar energy can be way more cost-effective. Why? Because you only have to pay for the solar products in India. Once the system is set up, you can enjoy lifelong electricity without paying the regular rates. Even if you find the initial investment to be high, you can easily make the money back in a few years will all the savings you get.

  • Low Maintenance

Solar panels come with a massive warranty period, easily running into 20-25 years. If maintained properly, a panel can even last longer than that. Moreover, the only upkeep these panels require is frequent cleaning and not any full-fledged maintenance job. So, you don’t even have to shell out money in that regard as well.

  • Reduces Carbon Footprint

Solar energy is clean energy. Therefore, the greatest advantage of using it is that you don’t contribute to growing the carbon footprint. On the contrary, it helps reduce it, making the environment cleaner and greener. 

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Solar energy is undoubtedly the next step in providing clean, green energy for the masses. When it finally becomes the norm, the energy sector will have a huge production burden off their shoulders. Not to mention, it will also significantly cut down fossil fuel consumption, leading to reduced emissions, and a cleaner environment. 

Most importantly, it’s a sustainable resource, meaning we won’t have to worry about running out on essential resources. At least not for the next 8 billion years.

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