How Clean Upholstery Properly
Know the perfect way to make your upholstery clean and clear.

Look around you upholstery is everywhere, on your sofa, chairs, and whatnot. The upholstery can get dirty very quickly and weekly cleaning is necessary. They can get sweat stains and even stains from the food and beverages that fall on them. Cleaning upholstery is not easy and it is not a straightforward job, if you do it without proper preparation and plan the upholstery will get damaged. It is a gradual process, as proper care should be taken not to damage the fabric of the upholstery if it is damaged you would end up having to change them to a fresh one, which will be an unwanted expense, but with the proper knowledge, you can avoid that.

How To Clean Upholstery The Right Way

1. Properly Vacuum It

The first step is to vacuum it properly to remove as much dirt and other particles because the less the materials that are on the upholstery more it will help the other stages that are to follow. If you have kids, then looking for items that may have got lodged in the gaps is always a good idea. Vacuum the surface and all gaps properly with the help of using various attachments for the vacuum cleaner.

2. Blot is Your Friend

When you spot a stain on your sofa or anywhere you would be tempted to wipe it off with water or any other solution. Do not do it, as it would only make the problem worse and make the stain even bigger. The best thing to do is to blot it. Blotting simply means to absorb the stain on the upholstery with the help of absorbent fabric, usually a dry towel. The best time to do a blot is immediately after a stain has occurred as this gives you the maximum chance to remove as much as materials from the surface.

3. The Cleaning Solution

Make sure the cleaning solution is suitable for the fabric of the upholstery. Most of the fabrics would have a small tag that would mention how to clean them, which solution to use and whether to use cold or warm water. Check the tag first and then take the appropriate action. The cleaning solution and the water combination should be correct, also it will make the fabric lose its color and make it appear dull.

4. Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning as the name suggests makes use of steam to clean the surface. Now steam cleaning has got a lot of advantages, not only does it remove the stains by penetrating deep and loosening up the particles, but steam cleaning also helps to kill the allergens, bacteria, mold, lice, and so on and it is a chemical-free approach. You can do steam cleaning by yourself, but it is better to have professional help.

5. Dry Cleaning

Sometimes, there are going to be stains that are stubborn, not easy to remove and that is where dry cleaning comes into play. For this, you should contact a dry cleaning service provider, because cleaning upholstery with liquids needs special care, if not the fabric is going to get damaged and a service provider would have the right knowledge and experience when it comes to properly cleaning and taking care of the upholstery. Dry cleaning involves a lot of steps, but in the end, your upholstery will look like a new piece and will be shining.




Now cleaning upholstery is never as easy as wiping it off with water or any other cleaning solvent. Proper care has to be taken or else you will be damaging the fabric, which will make you spend again on new fabrics. So, if there are stains on the fabric or it just needs periodic cleaning, contact upholstery cleaning service providers who will provide all the above-mentioned methods.