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AS Roof Repairs is your ally when it comes to gutter replacement Melbourne. Our experts offer immediate assistance. Call us and eradicate the old gutters easily.

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A problematic gutter in your residential or commercial property can cause irreparable damage. Gutters are designed to carry off rainwater away from building and protect it from water damage.

A faulty gutter can result in water accumulation, and gradually, many problems will arise in the building structure, including mould growth, roof damage and more. Trivial problems in the gutter can be eradicated with the help of gutter repair professionals. However, substantial issues necessitate individuals to get their gutters replaced. 

AS Roof Repairs has the workers to deal with complete gutter replacement Melbourne. With more than four decades of experience, you can completely rely on our crew members to get the gutters replaced in no time.

Most people are unaware of the gutter’s role in protecting the home. After the roof, your gutters are the most important feature as they keep rain waters away from your building. Professionals can do a proper gutter installation as it necessitates years of experience and industry knowledge. Poor gutter installation can also lead to various problems in the long run.

Make sure you don’t consider cost as the only factor when hiring professionals for the best replacement service. With several years of experience in gutter repair and replacement, our crew members tag along with proper rules and regulations to maintain the industry standards. We aim to provide effective and reliable gutter replacement Melbourne to all our customers.

Melbournians have preferred our cost-effective gutter installation services over all these years. If you are looking for the best professionals, we will get rid of your faulty gutters and replace them with the best materials on the market.

Our effective installation method helps to accomplish this home improvement project effectively. A new gutter installed by our team will last for a long time, even under unprecedented weather conditions in the region.

We are equipped enough to install new gutters in an effective manner and take complete responsibility for replacing the gutters. Our expertise, experience and valuable suggestions have helped several households in Melbourne to maintain an impeccable guttering system.

Damages caused by faulty gutters

If you are not sure about the right time to replace gutters, check for the signs that are specified below. Call our team at the very next moment when you identify any of the signs, and our gutter replacement team will be there to provide the necessary support.


Big cracks in the gutters are clearly visible, but smaller cracks can be identified when it starts to leak during the storm. If you see large cracks in the gutter, it’s time to call the experts for gutter replacement Melbourne.


The gutters are weak in regions where two horizontal sections meet. If you see mended gutters, it is mostly because of the stress, and you may have to replace the gutters.

An inefficient gutter system

If the gutters malfunctioning happens frequently, it’s time for gutter replacement services. It all starts with paint peeling from the wall and ends up rotting exterior wood trim elements like window sills and door  jambs.

Mildew or mould growth

If moisture accumulates close to the foundation, it can damage the basement, and the space will become the home of mildew and mould growth. Damaged gutters are the main reason behind this problem, so you should try to replace the gutters soon.

With the help of our crew members, you can effortlessly get the gutters replaced. If you see any signs specified above, connect with our team. We will progress from scratch to fix the gutter problems.

Our professionals will reach your property and scrutinize the existing gutters thoroughly. We will determine the right style and fit that aligns with the property. It will be easier for us to find if there are any underlying issues in the gutter system that hinders your building structure.

Our experienced professionals will install the best materials that suit the local weather conditions well. Our fully-equipped team remove the old gutters without causing any damage to the home’s external walls. We carefully take the measurements as our professionals are well aware of the problems that may arise due to poor gutter installation.

The new gutters made using the best materials are perfectly attached to your home. Gutter replacement Western Suburbs Melbourne is quite complex as it involves several steps. You can hire the professionals at AS Roof Repairs to execute the best gutter installation method without necessitating you to splurge more.

Usually, the cost is calculated by the number of hours the project requires, and the gutter replacement Melbourne is around $65 per hour. However, the replacement cost depends on the gutter material, type, length and project complexity. At times, the pricing may vary based on the city you are located in.

There are different types of gutter replacements, and the cost also varies based on your choice. The diverse types of gutters include fascia, square, box, quad and round. The box gutter replacement costs around $30 per metre, whereas fascia costs around $5000.

Some homeowners prefer DIY gutter replacement Melbourne. However, it is important t remember that professional installation will be efficient. You can rely on the experts to get the gutters replaced without any difficulties. Remember that gutter repairs are mainly caused due to poor installation. It might seem like you are cutting the labour cost, but you will splurge on costly repairs.

Before replacing gutters, it is essential to check the system thoroughly. At times, some common problems can be solved with the best repair solutions. When the gutter repair services are considered ineffective, that is when you should start with the gutter replacement Eastern Suburbs Melbourne. You can evaluate the condition of the gutters with the professional’s assistance.

The time taken to change guttering varies from one property to another. On average, gutter replacement Northern Suburbs Melbourne should be done in half a day. However, the time duration is affected by various factors like the shape of your house, necessary equipment, and more.