Why Gynecomastia surgery has bad results
In contrast to the chest fat, the male breast develops with excess fat and gland development. There are numerous issues that can lead to dissatisfied patients, and the list may appear to be lengthy if the following complications are not considered.

Why gynecomastia gives unsatisfactory results

Why are Some Patients of Gynecomastia Not Happy With the Results?

Infection – if the stitches are not stitched properly, an infection may take place.

Seroma – accumulation of fluid leading to the formation of a lump.

Asymmetry – an imbalance between the pecs may be seen after some time.

Bleeding – due to excessive cuts, there may be a possibility of bleeding.

Hematoma – is a type of swelling caused by clotted blood which can be painful

Loss of nipple sensation – when glands are fully removed, nipples gets embedded.

Consistent pain – unqualified doctors usually make this mistake while performing surgery.

Scarring – improper incisions and cuts often lead to scarring.

It should be noted that all of these risks can be reduced or eliminated if the plastic surgeon is board-certified, well-qualified, and has extensive experience treating gynecomastia.

Before the operation, the patient must be open and discuss any previous issues, as a thorough background check is essential.

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