What Is The Importance Of Ashtanga Yoga - Benefits And Disadvantage?
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For the unversed, Ashtanga Yoga is a very structured form of Vinyasa Yoga. If you are looking forward to pursuing the 200 Hour Ashtanga Yoga, then you should know all the aspects first. The Ashtanga asana is made of five series. Moreover, every student must master level one before moving on to the next level. You will be amazed to know about the origins of Ashtanga Yoga. It originated from Patanjali’s Yoga Darshan. It comprises eight limbs. They are:

· Yama

· Niyama

· Asana

· Pranayama

· Pratyahara

· Dharana

· Dhyana

· Samadhi

The first four are mainly concerned with external cleansing practices, whereas the latter ones are concerned with internal cleansing practices. The ultimate goal of Ashtanga yoga is to purify the body and mind. Ashtanga Yoga is basically a continuous series that consist of one Vinyasa step in between. You require great stamina and power to master Ashtanga Asana. So, you must venture into this yogic practice, after mastering the basics. Moreover, if you are looking towards doing Yoga Teacher Training India, you must ensure to master the foundational facets first. Ashtanga does come with its unique benefits like other yoga practices.

Ashtanga Yoga – A Powerful Tool

Ashtanga yoga mainly teaches the practitioner patience and perseverance. Thus, it may take you many years to master its intricacies. After you are able to master the primary series, can you move to the intermediate. There is no shortcut in between. Many people do asanas for the physical gains. However, Ashtanga yoga brings about a wholesome amalgamation of the mind, body, and soul. You will experience a unique transformation, both physically and mentally. It mainly stresses muscle functions, physical strength, and flexibility. Additionally, you will learn about control. The 200 Hour Ashtanga Yoga teaches you just that.


· If you are more inclined towards fitness, weight loss, and strength training, this is the right yoga form for you. You have to take long and deep breaths while performing any asana in this series. Additionally, the postures are continuous, and you cannot relax in between. This is the most vigorous form of yoga practice.

· Ashtanga Yoga can improve your flexibility over time. You can identify the difference in your body in a few weeks.

· It also helps you to increase your focus and concentration. The fast movement also gives you a sense of rhythm. Thus, you become more aware of your body and its flow.

· It also enhances your strength. There are at least 60 different Vinyasas in the main series of Ashtanga Yoga. The practice concentrates on the core muscles and also tones all the other body parts in the process.

· You will also feel a shift in your emotional patterns, as you continue to practice the asanas. Once you master some of the sequences, you will find that you can deal with emotions in a more uninhibited manner.

· The continuous flow of poses also enhances your cardiovascular fitness. Apart from building flexibility, the constant breathing does a lot for your thoracic cavity.

After you complete your Yoga Teacher Training India at the Yoga Vidya Mandira, you can better understand the practice.


There are few practitioners who have different ideas about yoga and feel cheated. It is a moving mediation and breathwork, where the first class will often include Ujjayi practice. You might also indulge in Sun Salutations. You will also come across certain difficult postures in Ashtanga Yoga, which takes years to master. Many of you may get frustrated due to the repetitiveness.

All the benefits can turn disadvantageous for you. The biggest disadvantage of Ashtanga Yoga is that, you cannot progress to the next level, without mastering the first. So, many practitioners who are looking toward teaching careers, often feel restricted.

Additionally, if you are faint-hearted, you may not like Ashtanga Yoga. It is very intense and not for the weak. You will find yourself stuck with stringent practice sessions, week after week. Moreover, you may also get stuck with the repetitions. However, if you have decided to master it, no one can stop you. The  200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India is just your stepping stone to the world of Ashtanga Yoga. You can complete your Yoga Teacher Training India from World Peace Yoga School. Get the right ambience to do your yoga training today.