What are the Different Sizes of Breast Implants
Breast implants are available in a variety of sizes in order to meet the needs of different body types. Typically, implant size refers to implant volume. Different measurements can be used to help determine the size of the implant.

The Different Sizes of Breast Implants

There are three parameters that must be considered in order to better understand the concept of implant size. These are:


Implant Volume

Implant volume is typically measured in cubic centimeters. (cc). A small breast implant can be 150 to 200 cc, while large implants can be over 400 cc. The most popular ones range in size from 300 to 350 cc. A very large implant can also be as large as 800 cc or more.

Diameter of the Implant

The diameter of a breast implant is the base width that gives shape to the breast outline and determines the best fit for a patient. The diameter can range between 7.4 and 17.2 cm. Choosing the proper width is critical for achieving natural-looking results.


Implant Description

The implant profile is the distance the breast or implant protrudes from the chest. Depending on the desired outcome, profiles can range from low to moderate to ultra-high.


During the initial breast implant consultation, Dr. Amit Gupta walks patients through all of these considerations and more.

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