Visit USC Clinic Los Angeles for Occupational Medicine Services
The goal of occupational medicine is to ensure the wellbeing and safety of employees. Workers who are unwell or wounded at work are treated by doctors in this sector.

Illness and workplace injuries often interrupt your daily routine. However, as an employer, you always need to keep your workforce productive and efficient. Sometimes, serious injuries lead to permanent impairment. To prevent these issues at your workplace, you can get in touch with a USC clinic Los Angeles for occupational medicine services.

Occupational medicine is for maintaining the safety and health of workers. Physicians in this field treat workers who have become injured or ill at the job site.

But, what occupational medicine services will you get from USC Clinic Los Angeles? So, let us make a list of those services.

Occupational medicine services at USC Clinic Los Angeles

Physical Therapy

Environmental factors, diseases, injury, aging, and several other conditions may affect the function and movement of your body parts. So, occupational medicine specialists help your workers with physical therapy. With effective therapy, they can recover from stiffness, pain, and injury. The multiservice team at the clinic will focus on the psychological and physical well-being of workers.

Wellness Program and Work Fitness Evaluation

You can promote physical activities and maintain your employees’ health with wellness programs. Moreover, these programs will increase your employees’ productivity, improve their morale, and reduce absenteeism. A minimal investment in wellness programs enables you to attract more employees.

The specialists will give fitness tips and improve your mood. They will tailor the program according to your needs. The customized fitness program will keep your employees mentally and physically fit. Moreover, the program will improve their heart, lungs, muscles, and heart.

Injury Treatment

Occupational medicine-trained practitioners provide the best treatment to injured workers. They will help you create a treatment plan and provide tips for faster recovery.

Drug Testing

Today, several companies consider drug testing to keep employees safe. Drug testing prevents your employees from getting addicted to drugs. Especially employees who need to deal with heavy machinery and tools often take drugs. That is why employers should consider drug testing, which is part of occupational medicine services. This approach will help you reduce employee turnover rates.

If your employees are not involved in drug abuse cases, you can nurture a safe work culture. Arrange a drug testing program and make the work environment safe.

Annual Physical Checkup

Yearly checkups of your employees’ physical health will boost your workforce productivity. Practitioners will check the blood pressure, respiration rate BMI, allergies, social history, and previous medical conditions. They also evaluate immunization records and medications taken by your employees. With a physical checkup, several health issues remain untreated. As a result, they can cause severe problems in the future. Thus, you can contact occupational medical service providers at the Los Angeles medical center and take care of your workers’ health.

Pre-Employment Evaluation

Employers like to check the health of candidates before employing them. Thus, you can consider occupational medicine services for pre-employment health analysis. It does not prevent an employee from getting hired. But, employers will have a solid understanding of the employees who will work for their companies. During the evaluation, employers or recruiters will learn about the potential employees’ lifestyles and transmittable diseases that may affect other workers. That is why many organizations like to check the employees’ health before employment. They want to reduce the situational, environmental, and physical risks.

Most common occupational injuries and diseases

As an employer, you always need to take care of your employees’ physical and mental health.

Hearing disability

Workplace illness and injuries lead to loss of hearing ability. Loud noise and other environmental factors may result in acute ear damage. 

Irritant dermatitis and allergies

Allergic conditions and dermatitis issues may occur due to direct contact with harmful substances. Keep your employees safe from skin diseases and other health conditions with regular checkups.

Musculoskeletal diseases

Musculoskeletal disorders can cause different issues, like lateral epicondylitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Especially workers involved in repetitive and forceful movements suffer from these conditions. Work-related musculoskeletal problems cause pain in muscles, nerves, and tendons. As a result, you will find reduced productivity, absenteeism, and disability. The disorders lead to morbidity in workers in different industries. To prevent these problems, you can depend on occupational medicine services.

Respiratory disorders

Direct exposure to foreign agents and irritants causes occupational asthma. If childhood asthma remains dormant, it will get triggered due to these irritants. The most common asthma symptoms are shortness of breath, wheezing, nasal congestion, chest tightness, and eye irritation. You can schedule USC medical center appointments for your employees and treat these conditions.

Traumatic injuries

Equipment injuries, slips, and falls at the workplace are costly to employees and employers. Traumatic injuries prevent workers from returning to their job after the incident. The longer recovery period is another big issue with these injuries.

Workers in the agriculture, mining, transportation, and construction industries have a risk of fatal injury.

So, you can contact a USC clinic Los Angeles to find healthcare practitioners specialized in occupational health. They will create a customized treatment plan for your employees and keep them safe. Physical therapists and other professionals will take care of your workers.