Successful Pregnancy after Miscarriage
Pregnancy is one of the most special times of any female’s lifetime. If successful, it brings all the joy and happiness in the life of the female and her family.

How to navigate pregnancy after miscarriage?

Pregnancy is one of the most special times of any female’s lifetime. If successful, it brings all the joy and happiness in the life of the female and her family.

But if for some reason some mishap happens, then it becomes very difficult to cope with the situation. One such situation is miscarriage. After enjoying the joy of bringing a new life to this world and promoting self and everyone related to a newer position of happiness and responsibility. Miscarriage causes a lot of loss in both mental and physical health. Sometimes, even a new pregnancy experience after the miscarriage becomes full of anxiety and stress. But this should not be the way. Though it is difficult to handle and overcome, there are ways by which you can overcome the pain of loss and enjoy the happiness of a new beginning. But more important is to take it slow. A slow process will help you not only enjoy the new journey but also heal from the past pain. So, in this article, we will discuss various ways how to overcome the pain of miscarriage, how to cope with the anxiety of new pregnancy, and how to navigate pregnancy after the latest miscarriage. So, be consistent with us throughout the article and restart afresh with us.


Ways to overcome the miscarriage pain

Distract yourself by forming a new habit

Distraction is the key to every stressful situation. Especially when it’s about miscarriage, it becomes very important to build your wall of distraction for the loss experienced. The distraction can be in the form of anything that you like to do and were thinking to do for a long time. If you are unable to figure that out then try to talk things out with your partner and family members to know something that can be useful for you. Investing in a new habit and trying to build something useful for yourself will help you divert your attention to something new and useful. This will not only help you overcome your pain but also help you find out a new reason to take yourself ahead in life. So, in place of keeping yourself busy grieving about what has already happened, make yourself busy learning and starting something new. 

Talk with your partner and close family members

In the most difficult times, it is always the family and your partner who helps you the most. They are the ones, who know you well and also understand your feelings. They are those who were equally attached to the journey with you both mentally and emotionally. So, it’s always the best idea to talk to them about whatever you are feeling. They will not only understand your situation but also help you overcome the pain of miscarriage. They will help you navigate through the pain well and see the new light in life again. So, it is better to look out for them and talk to them instead of staying silent and living through the whole pain alone. They might not be able to divide your pain, but they can help you get through the pain better.

Go on some holiday

Though, holidays are not always the solution for every problem and for forgetting any pain. But it helps a lot in changing the environment and also overcoming the experienced situation. It will allow you to rethink a new way of leading life and also analyze life in a new way. You will get time with your partner to overcome the grief and plan for a baby again.

Consult a counselor

A counselor is always helpful. He knows the ways how to help you overcome any grief and handle any situation with a strong mentality. Usually, people avoid taking counseling thinking that it’s only for mentally ill people and for those who are mentally unstable. But this is not the case; a counselor is an individual who will help you overcome any harsh situation you are going through in your life. They are professionals and experts in dealing with such situations. So, in case you are totally unable to overcome the situation within your current scenario and environment then make sure you consult a well-known and experienced counselor with your partner.

Cry if you feel like crying 

Usually, we are advised to avoid crying frequently during any loss. But this should not be the way. Crying is also like therapy. Crying helps you release the inner pain and invigorate yourself with new energy to restart. Even after crying, you will feel better than just avoiding it and only thinking about it again and again. So, next time you remember your loss and feel like crying, better you do that and then continue with what you were doing. 

Ways to navigate pregnancy after the latest miscarriage

Take it slow

After a miscarriage, it is very important to take a halt and wait for the right time. Taking things slow won’t make you late but will make you ready for the responsibility of everything that will accompany the process. Pregnancy in itself is a big responsibility, so unless you are ready and healed from the loss of your last pregnancy, you should not move ahead. Go for conceiving only when you think you are both physically and emotionally ready. Although there is no such particular period till which you should wait before re-conceiving but still first take care of your health. When you think you are completely ready to start again on the same journey then only take a step ahead. It will allow you to enjoy the process as well as be more successful this time. 

Avoid pre-preparation too early

Buying new stuff and preparing a new room and wardrobe for the new expected member of the house is what everyone does with so much passion. But this time you should avoid doing it too early. Wait for the right time before announcing the news. Wait for the right moment before celebrating it in public. Until it is 12 weeks it is always advisable to keep the news a secret. It is good and helpful both for you and also your family. This reduces the chances of extreme attachment in advance and helps you stay practical and ready for any unimaginable circumstance.

Limit the discussion with your medical helpers and the family

Just after overcoming a miscarriage, returning to a new journey of pregnancy is not very easy. But with time it becomes normal. But make sure you don’t get overexcited with it. You must take care of yourself, your emotions, and most importantly your well-wishers. Instead of spreading the news in the air, like a fire. You should limit your contacts who know about the good news. First, let things be very sure, let the baby grow healthily inside you, and take proper precautions and care from your doctors. Then only if required tell people about the news.

Avoid repeating the same mistakes

You must remember the possible reasons which led to the miscarriage that you experienced. These are some hurdles that you should give importance to when you are moving on your new pregnancy journey. Taking care of not repeating them and avoiding their recurrence can help you a lot in relieving your extra stress. Also, it reduces your chances of another episode of miscarriage. So, instead of grieving over what has happened. You should sit down calmly and list the mistakes that happened during the latest miscarriage. And then continue on your this new journey by taking care of them and discussing with your doctor the previous mistakes committed and the ways to avoid them.

Follow the milestone system as directed by your doctor

Following a milestone system during this new pregnancy journey is very important. You should consult with your doctor, discuss every possible thing involved and mark your calendar with suitable dates for milestones. These milestones are actually the growth stages of your baby. In these dates, the most important date is the date of your previous miscarriage. Clearing this milestone will actually help you feel motivated and happy to move ahead in this journey. For your reference, we are mentioning down here some of the most important dates to mark on your calendar during your pregnancy journey.

  • Journey to 4th week with a positive pregnancy test result
  • Checking for the doubling of  levels in the body at end of 6th week
  • Check babies heartbeat at end of 7th week
  • Track the heartbeat till the completion of your first trimester
  • Go for a normal mid-pregnancy ultrasound at end of 20 weeks
  • Feel the movement of your baby since the end of the 22nd week
  • Celebrate the completion of your second trimester
  • Welcome a healthy and cute baby at the end of 40 weeks

Avoid overstressing the situation

Miscarriage is not an easy situation to forget as an experience. It becomes a nightmare with time. Even its effect becomes prevalent and visible during the next pregnancy. But that should not happen because it may affect your current pregnancy negatively. This happens as a result of overstressing. Over thinking results in developing adverse effects on the health of the growing baby in the womb. So, very important is to take care of what you think and consider important in your next pregnancy after miscarriage.

Enjoy the process as much as possible

Having faced such a terrible loss once, it is very difficult to enjoy the same process back but it is not impossible. You should try to face what has happened but at the same time, try to see the good that is happening again. If you don’t change your mind and emotion and do not focus on what is happening now, you will miss a lot. You will miss enjoying the beautiful journey and remain trapped in what has happened. Change is always a constant. So, make sure you change your mind and the situation around you. Try to think and experience the journey in a new way and love the process in place of thinking about the outcomes.

Avoid over thinking about what has already happened

It is not easy to forget so easily, especially when so many strings were attached to the moment and situation. Yet, it is better to try and overcome the grief with a sense of peaceful mind and meaningful thinking. And when you have already started your journey with a new pregnancy and are living it, then very helpful will be if you avoid thinking about what happened with your past pregnancy. Thinking and then over thinking about the same will make you more stressed and anxious about what can happen and what has already happened. This will destroy the joy of this new process and will make you more nervous and vulnerable to another loss this time. Make sure you try to stay as happy as possible and avoid over thinking as much as possible.


Pregnancy is considered almost a gift of nature and God to women. It is experienced as the most amazing feeling and is like a blessing. But sometimes things may go wrong, yet it doesn’t mean the end. There is always a scope for restart. Miscarriage is a major roadblock in the journey of motherhood as it brings with it a lot of mental, physical, and emotional problems. Even due to this, sometimes the affected female fails to enjoy the process of a new pregnancy. But this is not the way. It should be very clearly understood that everything is a process of life and there are ways to cope with this.

Also, before going in to cherish a new journey of pregnancy, both the parents and the family should give some time. Time heals everything. Take time to heal the pain and then slowly move towards navigating and starting a new pregnancy journey. This will allow you to both enjoy the process and overcome the past pain. Above, we have mentioned, some of the most researched, advised, and workable ways to help you in the process. Make sure you read the article properly and understand the required points. Also, make yourself comfortable first before walking into the new process. Hence, with this, we wish a very good luck on the new journey.