Diet to refresh your skin
Diet to refresh your skin
If you are concerned about your physical condition, try a Mediterranean-style diet to refresh your skin because young skin protects your health; Conversely, skin that wears and tears like wrinkles is a sign of other changes going on in your body. As you know, the skin is not only a protective barrier but a very complex organ that performs many other functions: it protects some body organs, removes toxins from the body, and regulates temperature and touch perception in others.

Thus, when your skin begins to wrinkle due to damage, most of the protection provided to the body does not take place and disease occurs. We all want to have baby-soft and smooth skin, but remember that looks aren't the only benefit of youthful skin; It goes beyond that.
Why does your skin age?

There are many reasons why our skin ages. Some, like breathing, cannot be changed, but there are other causes that can be mitigated if you change some of your lifestyle habits. Let's take a look at them:

Oxygen consumption. The progressive loss of biological functions characteristic of aging is partly due to the increased consumption of oxygen necessary to perform such functions. This consumption leads to a substantial production of free radicals, highly harmful molecules that cause more damage to our organs, the skin being no exception.

Excessive sun exposure. Another factor that leads to premature aging of pores and skin is moderate exposure to the sun. This negative influence of the sun is due to ultraviolet rays A and B (UVA and UVB), two types of radiation that trigger changes in the skin. These rays directly affect the genetic material of our skin cells, causing them to malfunction, which favors the formation of carcinogenic cells. Overexposure to these rays leads to inflammation and the formation of free radicals. They cause the degradation of collagen.

Smoking Although many people know that smoking is a major factor in the development of certain chronic diseases, very few know that smoking is a major cause of skin aging. In fact, smokers are 300% more likely to develop wrinkles than non-smokers, which appear ten years after a person starts smoking. Smoking reduces blood circulation in the blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin, causing skin cells to die.

How to prevent premature skin aging?

Since the aging of the skin is related to the aging of the rest of our organs, it is not surprising that many foods associated with the prevention of chronic diseases can help prevent the appearance of skin wrinkles.

The study, published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, was conducted among people with high sun exposure. The participants were divided into two groups; Those who ate products rich in sugar and saturated fats (butter, whole dairy foods) had more wrinkles than those who followed a Mediterranean diet based on substantial amounts of vegetables, olive oil, nuts, and fish.


Although not many studies have been conducted on the relationship between nutrition and the appearance of our skin, certain foods have been found to be particularly active in preventing skin aging.