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Statista reports that as at the year 2020, the health and fitness industry reported a total of $3.15B+ in 2019 total revenue with a 22.1% CAGR forecast increase margin from 2021 to 2029. The still-growing health and fitness industry is set to scale higher digitally with more grossing numbers as more users are getting inclined to the amazing ease and features they provide. You too can join this ever-growing industry today!

Reduce the login complexity for your users with easy and fluid authentication features, one tap login, signup and signout all within the app. Contact US for cheap fitness app makers

Highly secured yet simple login session management that reduces the hassle of signing in multiple times on one device, 2-step authentication to keep account safe amongst other robust features.

Every user may have a different fitness demand. Give them an app that encompasses several fitness variations and allows them choose which one works best for them.

Each chosen exercise will come with a customized demo track which is set according to their BMI calculations and other factors. Effective follow-through exercises with split resting periods.

Different fitness needs and limits of your users may require personalized fitness tracking. They can track their exercise timimgs, projected calorie burns & split timings.

Customized usage statistics to help them understand their performance and predict their fitness growth..

Some exercises require movement such as running, jogs, and walks. Build a fitness app that comes with real-time geolocation, distance calculations, speed evaluations and so much more.

Geolocation statistical reports can suggest calories burnt during walks and provide offline usage evaluation for finess growth.

Fitness routines require consistency, give your users an app that helps them remember fitness routines with powerful push notifications set for every routine exercise, meal plans, and activity.

Ability to set reminders for future routine activities, track past history of usage and so on.

Get a centralised dashboard as the app owner and administrator and stay in control with viewing all in-app operations such as users management, dynamic content management, app usage, amongst others.

Create various administrative roles and restrictions within app right from your dashboard. View and print statistical reports to measure progress and app usage.

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The answer is “it depends on the work”. We have built applications for $999, to get a custom quote for your work, kindly call us at our toll-free number.

It gets decided after calculating the number of hours & technicians that are required to complete the work.

It depends on the application your are looking to develop, a typical application gets made in 30 business days.

We work with 100% confidentiality. You may sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with us to rest assured.

Yes, we do. We are open 24/7 for technical support.

Yes, we are.

No, you don’t need to. We charge in between 10% to 30% in advance to start the work. You would be paying as per the milestones set in the mutual agreement.

That will be you. We will give you the source code as well.

We schedule Zoom calls every 7 days to keep you updated about the work.

Yes, we do have a 100% money-back policy.