Can I Get an artificial / synthetic Hair Implant Procedure?
Synthetic hair transplantation is another term for artificial / synthetic hair implantation. Only qualified and experienced plastic surgeons with access to appropriate hair implant devices should perform it.

Synthetic hair transplantation

There are numerous advantages to having an artificial / synthetic hair implant procedure performed. This is why you might want to know whether or not you can have this procedure done. Remember that you are a good candidate for an artificial / synthetic or synthetic hair implant if you meet the following criteria:


You have a small donor pool.

You've used up all of your donor hair for a hair transplant.

You don't want to get a hair transplant because it will take several months for your hair to fully grow.

Your scalp has extremely low-density hair.

You have uncontrolled diabetes, heart disease, asthma, scalp problems, high blood pressure, and hypertension.


The doctor begins the procedure by performing a fibre compatibility test. This is done at least a month before the actual implant procedure. Typically, 100 artificial / synthetic hairs are inserted into the balding area. If there is no allergic reaction, the doctor will give you the go-ahead for the procedure.


Following the completion of the full implant procedure, the patient will be required to return to the clinic once a month to have his or her scalp cleaned. This will be done to eliminate the possibility of infection, inflammation, or cysts.

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