3 Earthquakes Hit Indonesia Intermittently.
Indonesia Earthquake 2022

3 Earthquakes Hit Indonesia Intermittently.

According to the agency, two more earthquakes were felt in the area that day. The intensity of the three earthquakes gradually increased. The first one in the morning was magnitude 5.2, and the second felt an hour later was magnitude 5.4. Then the third earthquake of magnitude 6.4 occurred shortly before 10:30 am local time. Later it was revised to 6 decimal 1.

Indonesia's disaster agency advised people to be alert to potential disasters rather than panic.

Indonesia's Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) reported that the earthquake originated at a shallow depth off the coast of the Mentawai Islands, west of the country's Sumatra island. No tsunami warning was issued due to this.

A BMKG spokesperson said the agency initially recorded the earthquake's magnitude at 6.4, which was later revised to 6.1.

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In a statement, Indonesia's disaster management agency said residents of the Mentawai Islands felt strong tremors for several seconds. In addition to this, the intensity of the earthquake was also felt in Padang, the capital of West Sumatra island, and the surrounding Bukitinggi mountain region.

However, no casualties were reported. But some buildings in Siberut Islands were slightly damaged, the agency said.

Separately, an official from the Mentawai archipelago's local disaster department told Reuters that residents of some villages had been evacuated to higher ground and local churches, schools, and health centers had suffered some damage.

A 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Padang in 2009 killed over 1,100 people, injured many more, and caused extensive damage.

Indonesia is a country prone to earthquakes due to its geography. Several separate tectonic plates of the crust meet in the region. And so there are frequent occurrences like earthquakes and eruptions.

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