The ultimate shopper's guide on Pashmina in Dubai
ultimate shopper's guide on Pashmina in Dubai

If you want to experience comfort and luxury that you would have never felt before, then invest in buying world-famous pure Pashmina. Pashmina is material is extracted from a silky-soft undercoat of the Himalayan goat, later processed into luxe apparel and accessories by skillful artisans.

To have the honor and dignity of owning an authentic and state of the art pashmina, here we make you aware of how to buy the best Pashmina Dubai.

Pashmina shawl price is not cheap. Since the pashmina goats are very rare and the pashmina manufacturers get to shed their fur just once a year, they have a limited amount of material. If the same is mixed with some other material or fabric, it is slashed in the prices. Hence, a pure pashmina is quite expensive. Find more on pashmina shawl Dubai price here.

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