Kundli Matching Services by Jyotishi
Are you struggling with these types of questions in your mind? If yes, then here you will get to know each and every detail about Kundli Matching Services.

What is Kundli Matching or why it is done before marriages? Are you struggling with these types of questions in your mind? If yes, then here you will get to know each and every detail about Kundli Matching Services.

What is Kundli Matching?

Kundli is a birth chart or horoscope which is prepared by an astrology expert. It is prepared on the basis of an individual’s place and time of birth. According to Vedic Astrology different planets are placed in astrological diagrams or Kundli houses during birth. Those planets have some influence over a person. With the help of a person’s Kundli, Astrologer can evaluate an individual’s future and give predicts by mapping the position of different planets.

Matching or evaluating the gunas of two individuals from Kundli is considered as Kundli Matching process. It is also known as “Guna Milan”. It is necessary to do it before the marriage of couples. There is a total of 36 guna of an individual out of which at least 18 guna should be matched with a life partner. These gunas will help you to find the matching compatible life partner for marriage.

Why there is a need to match Kundli before marriage?

Most families in India prefer to match Kundli of both the boys and girls. While reading or matching the Kundli of Couples, the position of the planet moon is taken into consideration. Based on that position some score is given after which the astrologer can reveal various details. Couples can move forward with marriage rituals only if their Kundli are perfectly matched. Otherwise, there is the possibility to face the difficulty in married life. If the couples get married, even after not matching Kundli, then that marriage will not be successful.

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Why consult the astrologer for Kundli Matching Services?

Marriage is not an easy decision; once you get married your life is tied with someone else. If you get a compatible life partner then your marriage life will be full of happiness and joy. And if the same person is not compatible with you, then your life becomes hell after marriage. Therefore you should consult and talk to the best Kundli Matching Astrologer in India to live a stress-free life.