Why do garden services cost so much?
Every time you feel about consulting an expert arborist Melbourne-wide for your garden, the thing that stops you is the amount it would cost.

Even the estimates received from the companies are hard to understand.

So, how is tree work priced?

Arborist in Melbourne-wide usually price the services based on the requisite number of hours for the work scheduled and the amount of debris to be hauled away.

Other factors like location, timing, equipment, and safety requirements also contribute to the overall price estimate. Also, any extra work added on the day of the job costs extra than what is mentioned in the forecast. 

What needs to be looked for in tree work price estimates?

Every reputable firm submits a written job pricing estimate for any work proposals to get customer approval which contains the legal name and contact address along with all the job details.

It is basically a contract of terms on which both the company and the client agree before commencing the job. So, always make sure to read the terms and conditions diligently before signing the approval. 

 Arborist in Melbourne

The “big 3” Considerations Before Hiring 


  • Learn what you can do about a tree trimming company online.
  • Search for feature reviews and feedback from actual customers.
  • Always see the response to both the good and bad reviews by the company executives and the way they deal with complaints before finalising the company. 


  • Tree trimming and removal can be tricky, and reputable services will always have insurance covering any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Commercial General Liability: basic coverage for when the company is at fault.
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Personnel insurance: to ensure the well-being of tree workers. 

Umbrella Coverage

  • Ensure that the company fulfils all the necessary insurance needs before hiring them for work.


  •  Always check for the certified credentials of the employees. A reputed firm will have government-certified Arborists who have proper training and certification.

Additional factors in pricing

  • Clean Up is the major contributor to the estimate, and you need to be careful about being aware of what the clean-up entails. 
  • Seasonal Considerations: This includes any particular expenses during a specific season, like painting cuts on oak trees.
  • There might be additional expenses after a storm because private companies and municipalities restrict resources like a green fill.
  • Increase in fuel or equipment prices may affect the overall estimate.

Don’t always go with the lowest estimate! 

Many people have a tendency to go with the cheaper option but end up coughing up more in the long run. A good arborist Melbourne-wide will always complete the job to your satisfaction, and even if it costs a little more, it will be worth it in the end.

So choose wisely, because the health of your garden is equally important to your physical and mental well-being.