How to Make Artificial Flower Arrangements
Do you want to add a beautiful touch to your home or office space? Here is the step-by-step guide to placing your artificial flower arrangement foliage.

Do you want to add a beautiful touch to your home or office space? Artificial flower arrangements are one of the simplest ways to add serenity and tranquillity to any room. An impactful floral arrangement incorporating different textures and colours might be what you are looking for.

Uplift your house decor by putting together an arrangement using artificial native Australian flowers. Working on your first bouquet can be pretty intimidating. What artificial flowers to use? How to give it the right shape? What colours will look good together?

Items/ Products Required To Make the Artificial Flower Arrangements

  • Scissors: To cut and trim the stems.
  • Vase: Choose your favourite vase in which to display the flowers
  • Artificial Greenery: Required to add texture
  • Artificial Flowers: Select the primary and secondary flowers for the arrangement
  • Green Foam/ Clear Liquid Resin: Required to lay a solid foundation

Step-by-step Guide

Arranging a beautiful bouquet has never been easier. Read on to find out how you can make artificial flower arrangements to suit your taste in no time.

Choose Your Artificial Flower Arrangement Foliage

Envisioning your final floral design is crucial to the final fake flower arrangement. Start by picking out the general components, the overall shape, and the style you want to create. If you are looking for inspiration, you could also browse our catalogue for ideas or pick from our pre-designed artificial flower arrangements.

Create a firm base

Choose a vase to place your foliage stems into, or you can use a designer pot. The height and structure of your vase will determine your arrangement's overall shape and tone.

If required, you can add foam inside a pot or use clear liquid resin to set the stems into position if you don't like them moving around.

Adding in the Faux Flowers to the Right Height

Cut and trim the faux flowers (cut the stems shorter if the flower stems are too high).

Layer the arrangement with different flowers. Insert them in a criss-cross arrangement to evenly distribute the artificial flowers. Go one flower at a time to get the colours and contrast right.

Different kinds of artificial greenery give more texture (eucalyptus, boxwood, and so on)—these can be used around the very top of the pot to create a nice lower-level covering


Now that you have created your artificial flower arrangement in the vase, you may wish to wipe the foliage to remove any dust.

Proceed to place your arrangement where desired.

Creating phenomenal artificial floral arrangements in vases is an art form. Watching the same faux flower arrangement all year round can become monotonous. Once you finish your first flower arrangement, order more faux flowers and greenery to experiment with and develop new contrasts and arrangements. Keep a few alternatives handy to mix and match the flowers and colours to create new sets within a few hours.

Designer Vertical Gardens team of experts is always excited to help bring your ideas to life. Whether you want to order one of our ready-made ultra-real flower arrangements or seek guidance in putting together your custom artificial flower arrangement, get in touch with us for further assistance.


Source: How to Make Artificial Flower Arrangements