Keep Your Restaurant Equipment Running Like New with this Easy Guide
A well-organized, clean, and efficient kitchen will result in better and faster food and happier customers who will become regulars. Proper equipment is key to high profits in your restaurant business. Restaurant equipment maintenance is essential for your restaurant's success. This is not only important but also saves money in the long term.

A survey found that restaurant equipment maintenance and repair costs are approximately half as high as the industry average. These are just a few reasons why you need to maintain your restaurant's equipment.

Food Quality is What the chefs use in their kitchens matters. It doesn't matter how talented the chefs are, if they don't have the right tools, it can severely impact the quality of the food in your restaurant. A high-functioning kitchen means more experimentation and more practice in creating delicious food.


Keeps Operations Running at a Faster Speed: A well-maintained machine will produce a higher output. It is a universal truth that machines will produce more output if they are in better condition.


Restaurant equipment can be quite expensive For long-term success, a single investment in properly functioning equipment is a good idea. It's cheaper to get regular maintenance done on restaurant equipment than it is to replace or repair the entire thing later.


It is also much cheaper than other options, and you can learn how to preserve equipment for a longer time. This is not the only benefit. Incorrect equipment can use more energy, which could affect your electricity bills.


Makes your kitchen safer and more hygienic. Restaurants can be subject to serious legal action if they are deemed unhygienic. This is most commonly due to neglected equipment. A clean and well-maintained kitchen or restaurant equipment maintenance is a sign of a safe and healthy kitchen.


Here's a checklist to help you maintain your commercial kitchen equipment. You might need to maintain your kitchen equipment, so make sure you have the instructions manuals for cleaning and warranty.


Equipment Maintenance for Restaurants: This is your guide to commercial kitchen equipment maintenance!


Your Duct, Hoods & Vent

Due to their frequency, these are the most important items on our restaurant equipment maintenance checklist. Your kitchen's Vents, Hoods, or Ducts must be inspected and cleaned at least twice a year. These devices control the flow of gasses and air in your kitchen. They are breeding grounds for bacteria and other germs in warm and humid environments. It is important to remove any grease from these paths.


Grease in Equipment Filters

Regularly clear out grease from grease filters. It is the job of the grease trap to remove grease from ducts. However, if it isn't cleared out it can lead to hygiene problems. Next, remove the grease filters from your restaurant equipment and clean them.


Fryer Maintenance

Deep fryers and commercial kitchen fryers can be dangerous. These are three things you should be aware of when maintaining restaurant equipment for your kitchen fryers.

You should check for gas leaks: Fryers use gas so you need to do fortnightly checks for any gas leaks. This can be done by spraying some soapy water on the gas pipe. Call a professional if they bubble up. You can also smell gas leaks.

Clean your combustion fans: Fryers can become clogged and accumulate dirt. Make it a habit to clean them at least once every three weeks.


Refrigerator Maintenance

A dirty or neglected kitchen refrigerator is another breeding ground for bacteria and germs. This can be dangerous as food stored here can spoil and result in a large loss for your restaurant.


When you are doing commercial kitchen equipment maintenance or cleaning, be sure to cover your fridge. Gaskets, drain pans, and tubes are just a few of the maintenance and cleaning parts that you will need to cover your fridge. Keep your fridge units dry at all costs.



This will give you a complete list of maintenance procedures for restaurant equipment. For the best results, make sure to clean and maintain your equipment at regular intervals. 


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