What Foods Help with Period Cramps and Bloating
Cramps can have many causes, including poor circulation, menstrual cycles, and pregnancy. Here are some foods that help cramps.

What Foods Help with Period Cramps and Bloating

There's no denying that periods can be painful for females. The overall combination of bloating, cramps, and mood swings can make any woman lookout for ways to subside the pain. Such is the reason why eating the ideal foods that help cramps during periods is crucial. (1)

We have rounded up some of the major expert-suggested foods that can help you deal with period cramps. It should be known that the following set of foods will not likely eradicate menstrual discomfort, but can at least help in lowering the painful feeling.

Let's see then what helps period cramps,

1. Salmon benefits:

When it comes to foods that help with cramps, salmon is one of them. This is because salmon is rich in fatty acids, which are otherwise known as omega-3. 

These fatty acids help lower the inflammation rate in the body, thereby leading to pain relief from period cramps.

Moreover, salmon is also a good source of Vitamin D and B6, which helps in making female breasts tender and allows calcium to be easily absorbed in the body.

2. Leafy greens:

Leafy greens are one of the many foods to help with cramps during periods. Since period in females leads to loss of blood, it also means that the body is losing its iron content. As a result, the body can feel lethargic and sluggish. 

Such is the reason why eating leafy greens such as spinach or kale can help to deal with lower iron content in the female body.

3. Oats:

There’s no doubt that foods that help period cramps include oats as well. Oats can be nutritious as well as delicious when you can enjoy them as oatmeals especially in a cookie form or even homemade granola. 

Oats are full of fiber and can help your stomach feel full for a longer period. Oats also contain a healthy amount of magnesium & zinc.

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4. Eating Eggs:

Talking about foods that help with period cramps, you simply cannot avoid eggs. It should be realized that eggs contain a high amount of Vitamin B6, E, and D (2) content, which can help you relieve period cramps. 

Eggs also contain protein, which is always a bonus that you can enjoy.

5. Benefits of Ginger:

In case you're unaware, ginger can prove to be an excellent stomach soother, especially when your body is feeling nauseous. Ginger is also great for managing stomach gas and bloating.

6. Flax seeds:

Flax seeds can be consumed as a food to help period cramps. This is because they contain omega-3 fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory effects on the human body. 

As a result, the period cramp pain will be lessened. You can add ground flax seeds to smoothies, oats, and yogurt. Flax seeds can also help in shortening the duration of periods.

7. Nuts:

Numerous studies have shown that nuts can be highly efficient in reducing period cramps. So, in case you’re wondering what to eat on your period cramps, simply consume almonds, ground nuts, peanuts, and other types of nuts. 

Nuts contain Vitamin E and magnesium that properly deals with period cramps.

8. Pineapple juice benefits:

When it comes to what helps cramps food during periods, you simply can't go wrong with pineapple. Pineapple contains a whole slew of nutrients from manganese to copper to vitamins you name it. 

Pineapple consumption also helps relax the muscles of your body, especially around the female genital areas, which means that it is great for period cramps.

9. Banana during period:

Bananas are one of the primary foods to eat during your period because they are great for treating menstrual cramps. It should be known that bananas are always packed with potassium, which will help

in avoiding any muscle pains and thereby prevent any bloated feeling (3) inside the body. You can combine the consumption of bananas with kiwi fruits because kiwi fruits are rich in fiber.

1. How can a male help a female having menstrual cramps?

Ans: A male can help a female having menstrual cramps by simply opting for painkillers, which costs between 50 to 200 INR or opting for costlier surgical treatments.

2. Do 50 years still see Menstrual cramps?

Ans: Yes, Women who are 50 years or above old can also experience menstrual cramps. Thus, painkillers or surgery solutions can be seen as viable alternatives.

3. Cost of surgery operation on menstrual cramps?

Ans: It should be known that surgical treatments for menstrual cramps range between 80,000 and 90,000 Indian Rupees. Thus, if the treatment procedure using painkillers remains unsolved, then the surgery operation process is a must.

From our above-mentioned list of foods, it can be easily concluded that certain foods that help cramps are always beneficial to eat. 

The best period comfort foods that you will choose to consume will be dependent on your tastes & preferences. For any additional queries, feel free to contact us at any moment.

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