Herbal Water Formulation by Food Research Lab
The herbal water prepared by the Food Research Lab with the herbal extracts with zero caloric sweeteners which increases the health benefits for the people.

Formulation of Herbal Water by Food Research Lab

Formulation of herbal water with zero caloric sweeteners and natural colors and flavors. This case study focuses on:

  • Formulation of the herbal beverage that has good sensory properties 
  • Extension of the shelf life of the product 


  • Sensory profile of the product: By adding the herbal extracts to the product the sensory profile changed and more extract flavor was obtained. 
  • Regulation levels: The caffeine content of the product was contributed from many extracts and the level of caffeine was increased.  
  • Shelf life extension: The shelf life of the product was affected due to the microbiological growth. 

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