Corona: 21 million people at risk of death in China
Corona updates today 2022,

Corona: 21 million people at risk of death in China

NDTV reported this news in a report on Wednesday (December 21) citing news agency ANI.

According to the Institute for Global Health Intelligence, China's population has not naturally acquired immunity through previous infections.

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According to Eric Fil-Ding, "After the people's movement, China's ruling Chinese Communist Party now aims to attack those who want to be attacked." Because rapid infection means rapid death, rapid death means rapid peaking of the condition, and rapid peaking means a rapid decline in transmission. And a rapid decline means a rapid start of production.'

Meanwhile, according to a report by the American media Wall Street Journal, the death rate due to Covid in China's capital has increased again. A mortuary earmarked for the cremation of people who have already died due to Covid has already been filled. It is not yet clear where the new one will take his place if he dies.

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