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Oyster mushrooms Fragile and fleshy downtime mushrooms with a delicate taste, oyster mushrooms are succulent in fricassees,pan-fried with a little cherr...

Oyster mushrooms Fragile and fleshy downtime mushrooms with a delicate taste, oyster mushrooms are succulent in fricassees,pan-fried with a little cherry edibles shallot, garlic and parsley or indeed in a sauce, risotto or omelette.

- Unheroic oyster mushroom Its distinctive nutty flavor and fairly pronounced questionable shadow make this mushroom a perfect supporter in submissive cookery. To be enjoyed, for illustration, in a wok of grilled vegetables or in a various oyster mushroom salad.

- Pink oyster mushroom More bitter and firmer than its peers, the pink oyster mushroom is substantially appreciated for its amazing color. Still, there's a slightly woody flavor that goes well with submissive fashions.

- Agaric des Jachères (Agaricus Arvensis) This mushroom is distinguished by its aroma of anise but, in the mouth, the hazelnut predominates. Large enough to be stuffed, it's worked for illustration in afterlife with a groaner filling. Grilled, it goes veritably well with sweet sauces similar as thyme, rosemary and oregano.

- Portobello With a establishment, fleshy and brickle texture – nearly like meat – this mushroom offers a slightly hoarse, earthy flavor. It's succulent grilled, barbecued or grilled and fluently replaces meat in your vegetable medications. Sprinkle it with a mizzle of balsamic ginger to give it an redundant touch of vim!

- Poplar pholiota Its delicate meat, brickle to the bite and with a slight taste of hazelnut, is a delight for the palate. Half between morels and ceps, it's tone-sufficient and can be simply eatenpan-fried, in an omelette or in a cream sauce.

- Maitake In addition to having salutary goods on life, this Japanese" dancing mushroom"is veritably easy to cook. Its brickle meat is evocative of the taste of hazelnuts and gives an umami flavor to the dishes it decorates.

- Nameko Small sticky mushroom whose melting texture gives gravies and mists an inimitable smoothness. At the end of cuisine, it develops nutty flavors and a lot of agreeableness. It's also veritably popular in salads or sautéed, on its own or with other vegetables.

- Eryngii This variety of oyster mushroom is characterized by its white, firm and thick meat which melts veritably little when cooked. It's thus perfectpan-fried, coddled or sautéed. Its mild and sweet flavor wisely accompanies meat and fish but is also succulent in an omelette or in pasta or rice.

- Champignons de Paris By far the most popular mushroom. We particularly like to taste it raw, in carpaccio or in a salad, with a many spices and a mizzle of olive canvas. Cooked, it develops a woody flavor that can fluently accompany any mess.

- Shiitake A delicious and essential component in Asian cookery, which has also come a extensively used product in our kitchens. Its important woody scent makes it a perfect supporter for your stews.

-Boletus Wild mushroom much sought later and prized by gastronomists for its delicate nutty taste. It can be eaten in numerous ways, but thepan-fried porcini mushrooms with garlic and parsley and the porcini mushroom omelet remain great classics.

- Chanterelle Veritably popular in cooking, the chanterelle is divided into several species. Grey, it'll be less sweet than the unheroic whose gooey smell and fiery taste are much more pronounced. Veritably delicate, it requires only brief cuisine and will sublimate any type of dish.

-Chanterelle The smell of this mushroom is pleasantly gooey, analogous to that of mirabelle pearl or dried apricot, slightly further courtesan. Its fine hazelnut flavor goes wonderfully with eggs, white flesh and fish similar as ocean bass or cod.

- Lactarius This slightly pungent mushroom with establishment, brickle meat reaches its peak when cooked over high heat. Grilled on the regale orpan-fried, it's also appreciated fried or indeed raw, in pickles, with ginger and sauces.

-Pied bleu Toothy when still youthful, this suitable mushroom with pronounced flavors is eaten cooked. Its sweet aroma goes wonderfully with game or browned and mixed with other mushrooms.

- Bottom of lamb Cooked, this mushroom develops a taste close to the chanterelle. Its establishment and brickle meat goes veritably well with flesh in general and particularly with game. It also goes impeccably with gravies grounded on fresh cream, omelettes but also quiches and mushroom or timber pies.

-Limp sparassis Poisonous when eaten raw, this white morel is eaten well cooked. Its veritably pronounced hazelnut flavor goes wonderfully with meat or pasta.

- Trumpet of Death This mushroom with a veritably affable gooey smell always keeps a tough side, indeed after a long cuisine. It's thus substantially worked dried or in a fine duxelle, over low heat, to flavor the cuisine. Its sweet taste is particularly perfect in cream- grounded gravies.

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