3 Exciting Movements in the Coffee Industry
It’s always refreshing when an industry is taken in an exciting, positive new direction by a trend within the industry. That is exactly what’s happening right now within the coffee industry. Those trends include things that are beneficial to coffee consumers, like coffee drinkers discovering the joys of artisanal coffee delivery. Then there are movements that represent improvements to the entire industry.

It’s refreshing when industry trends result in some inspiring new directions being taken and truly positive changes taking place. That’s certainly the case with various encouraging trends that have emerged and been more firmly established in the coffee industry. Those changes largely seem to result from the third wave coffee movement’s tenets being more broadly embraced and people discovering that there are simply better ways to create coffee. Whether it’s the rise of the finest small-batch coffee delivery or a more ethical and sustainable coffee industry, keep an eye out for the following movements.

Fine Single Origin Coffee and Blends

Coffee being treated as a fine artisanal food product is actually a relatively recent development. For decades, coffee was a commodity that was almost exclusively sold as blends. One of the chief aims of the third wave coffee movement was to recognize and highlight the distinctive, sublime tasting notes and characteristics native to single origin coffee varieties.

They favored light roasts to express those nuances and share coffee’s delicious versatility with the world. Of course, when those roasters’ customers discovered a coffee blend they loved, they retained them as beloved blends. Do yourself a favor and order coffee online from a third wave coffee roaster to experience what small-batch single origin and coffee blends have to offer.

Ethical and Sustainable Coffee Sourcing

Most coffee is grown in developing nations on the planet’s equatorial belt. Unfortunately, exploitation of coffee growers and unethical sourcing practices were often the rule in the industry rather than the exception. Recognition of that inequity has driven a commitment among third wave coffee roasters to develop relationships with smallholder farmers.

As such, third wave coffee roasters buy their coffee via direct trade sourcing—paying growers a premium price for premium coffee. In addition to the practical ways that benefits those growers and their communities, it also allows the smallholder farmers to invest in more sustainable growing practices. Buying from a responsible third wave coffee roaster provides practical benefits to people and the planet.

Quality Comes Home with Coffee Subscriptions

Another exciting trend is the result of a realization by coffee drinkers—that they could drink exceptional, world-class coffee every day from the comfort of their kitchen. Better still, they could virtually always do so for less than the cost of a daily cup from the closest drive-through franchise. Not to mention that refilling a mug is more sustainable than a daily disposable cup.

This is possible—better coffee for less money at home—with a subscription that consistently brings artisanal, small-batch coffee to your home. Plus, the best coffee subscription from a third wave roaster can be fine-tuned with on-site tools. For instance, the site may feature a brief quiz to determine what varieties you’re likely to love. Or some hardworking coffee roasters may have even taken the time to create an innovative coffee calculator to help determine exactly how much you should order based on your coffee consumption. Does it get any better than that?

About Verve Coffee Roasters

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