Why you need to learn Advance Options Trading
The Advanced Options Trading course helps participants build their own options trading strategy with sophisticated approaches to preserve and build capital.

stock market

Stock Market

About this Course

The course is designed to boost the confidence of the traders and teach strategies that will help generate profits.


Learn Advanced options trading with Advanced options trading Course

Benefits of the Course

Get to know the simple tricks of “Risk-Free Trading”

Learn to earn profit in the directional market

Learn the “Tried & Tested” portfolio hedging techniques

Learn to build a solid portfolio for your long-term financial goals

Learn to Manage open positions and initiate free trades


Who should do this course

Those who possess basic knowledge of options trading

Those who wish to manage investments and portfolios of other investors

Those who wish to become full-time traders or fund managers

Those who want to create strong portfolios to meet their future financial targets


Course Content

Introduction to Options

The basics of options trading and all the essential terms and concepts of trading in options will be taught in this section from a novice options trader’s perspective.


Options Terminologies

This section contains an in-depth discussion of all the terms that are related to options trading like call options, put options, option buying/selling, option pricing and much more.


Advance Option Strategies

Learn about Short Straddle, Iron Fly, Iron Condor, Thunderstorm Tussle(Adjustments), Covered Call, Ratio Spread, Collar & Collar Plus Strategy.


Hedging Strategies

Check out some of the best hedging practices that are used by top traders that will help you minimize disaster in case the market runs in an opposite direction.


Option Expiry Trade Strategies

Learn about highly efficient strategies through which you can earn more profit on the expiry days - both if the market is volatile or sideways.


Risk & Margin Management

Learn some useful tips and tricks in risk & margin management to reduce losses and more opportunities for profit-making in the stock market.