Why is North Korea firing so many missiles?
North Korea missile updates 2022

Why is North Korea firing so many missiles?

The mercury in tensions on the Korean peninsula has begun to climb again. North Korea continues to launch missiles one after another. At least one of these missiles flew over neighboring Japan into the Pacific without warning. Japan and South Korea have conducted military exercises in response to such actions of the country. The United States also joined.


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Not only that, a step ahead, Washington sent an aircraft carrier to the Pacific Ocean near the Korean Peninsula. As a result, the situation has become direr. Analysts say the situation could worsen at any time.


Meanwhile, Pyongyang said the reason behind the sudden launch of so many missiles over the past two weeks. The country's state media said in a statement on Monday (October 10) that the missiles were fired as a practice of using strategic nuclear weapons on the battlefield and blowing up the enemy.


The state media statement was released on the 77th anniversary of the founding of North Korea's ruling Workers' Party. It portrays Kim Jong-un as a strong leader. It has been claimed that these missiles have been made capable of carrying nuclear weapons. They are designed for short-range weapons and battlefield use. The Army has practiced loading dummy versions of real warheads into them.


The exercise successfully practiced hitting South Korean military bases, ports, and airports. The launch was a warning to the US and South Korea. State news agency KNCA published a picture. It shows North Korean leader Kim Jong Un monitoring and directing missile tests.


US and South Korean intelligence officials have indicated that Pyongyang may have conducted its first nuclear weapons test since 2017. Experts believe the country may first detonate a small-scale tactical weapon. which is capable of carrying missiles tested by the country.


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The United Nations and several Western countries have imposed several economic sanctions on North Korea to prevent it from developing a nuclear program. Despite these sanctions, Pyongyang continues its missile and nuclear programs. They conducted at least six nuclear tests from 2006 to 2017.


All the recent meetings between former US President Donald Trump and other world leaders with the country's leader, Kim Jong Un, have virtually failed. Trump last met with Kim in 2018. After that, the country started testing missiles again. Recently, observers warned that North Korea is preparing to test nuclear weapons again.


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