The United States counter-warned Russia about nuclear weapons.
Russia's nuclear Updates 2022.

The United States counter-warned Russia about nuclear weapons.


Russia launched a military operation in February this year to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO. The operation continued for more than seven months after that. Meanwhile, Russian forces have occupied one-fifth of the total territory of Ukraine.


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In such a situation, Russian officials have been warning that nuclear weapons will be used "if necessary" to protect the occupied territories. On Sunday (September 25), US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan issued a counter-warning. At the same time, he also warned of imposing more economic sanctions on Russia in the event of a referendum in the occupied territories.


Meanwhile, Russia has accused Ukrainian forces of attacking the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. The country also claimed that at least eight 'kamikaze drones' were used in these attacks.


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According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russian forces have shot down all the drones outside the nuclear power plant. Earlier, the Ukrainian army said that Russian troops attacked the port city of Odesa with Iranian-made drones throughout the night.



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