Saudi calls on the Taliban government to withdraw from the decision
Taliban government updates news 2022

Saudi calls on the Taliban government to withdraw from the decision

Saudi Arabia has called on the Taliban government to withdraw from the decision to ban women's higher education in Afghanistan. On Wednesday (December 21), the Saudi Foreign Ministry requested the Afghan government reconsider this decision.

On Tuesday (December 20), the Taliban government banned women from universities in Afghanistan. The ban was announced in a letter issued by the higher education minister of the government. The letter states that universities for women in Afghanistan will remain closed until further notice.

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The decision of the Taliban government has caused great controversy around the world. Surprised about Muslim countries too. A day after the announcement, Saudi Arabia called to withdraw from this decision. The main Muslim monarchical country in the Middle East has expressed surprise at this decision of the Taliban.

A little more than a year ago, the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. After seizing power, they introduced separate classrooms and entrances for women in Afghan universities. Then female students in the university could only be taught by female teachers or older male teachers.

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Even though it is a conservative Muslim country, women in Saudi Arabia have unlimited opportunities for higher education. According to a report, most women in the country have at least passed higher secondary. In 2009, a Saudi woman named Noora Al-Faiz was appointed as the Minister of State for Education in Saudi Arabia. And in 2013, 30 women were made members of the Saudi Shura Council by the late King Abdullah.


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